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    GET Variable

    i didnt really think of spam bots etc, im probably gonna scrap the idea.instead when the user clicks the image it puts the persons name in the field.
  2. ben3001

    GET Variable

    this thing is i have a page calledcontact.htmlHere are all the images.contact.php, i have the form on this page.is it possible for me to have a hyperlink on the image that will input the relevant email address.e.g The user clicks on persons one image, who's email is personone@thedomain.com. This then gets inputted onto contact.php in the field called 'email.i though something like but that didnt
  3. ben3001

    GET Variable

    Hi guys, wow havent posted since september its been so long lol....The problem i have is that i have an image, which once clicked hopefully inputs the persons email address into the form. For example there are 5 pictues of the person you want to contact, you click there face and it is entered into a seperate php file called contact.php.How would i go about this?cheers peopleBen
  4. Hey leave atspace alone lol, i think it is one of thee best free hosts
  5. in my opinion its pointless disabling right click, in firefox all you have to do is right click--> view info--> View media --> you can save all images a touch of a button.i think if you dont want somone steling your html, i think it might need encryptinghttp://www.aevita.com/web/lock/im think anyway
  6. no pdf will definately not be saved in there, im sure its only images, the sites them selves, and some objects such as flash and maybe some other stuff but not pdf documents
  7. dcole.ath.cx, im no expert but it is useually easier to be helped if you provided a screenshot prehaps, instead of drawing the template in a forum
  8. i got 189 days left before i gotta pay another £30
  9. yeah ive had norton for a long time now but havent really been bothered about it, i was bored today and now i have my answer, you know thats why i might have pop ups not appearing any more... go Norton (when your norton expires do you think it gets removed?
  10. This is just a question out of curiosity, but what does this do, its on all web pages now (i think) and have never really seen the use of it: <script language="JavaScript"><!--function SymError(){ return true;}window.onerror = SymError;var SymRealWinOpen = window.open;function SymWinOpen(url, name, attributes){ return (new Object());}window.open = SymWinOpen;//--></script>
  11. ben3001

    Online Business

    if your asking for my opinon, in the digital age we live in today it is very hard to just make money via online.the amount of sites that are here today gone tomorrow is always increassing.In my opinion the only way to make money online is if you establish a business for your self offline and then have the upgrade to a E-commerce site.This way you will of already made an image for yourself and hopefully have customers already.As i say the internet now is far to big to be creating an online business out of nothing, you must work upwards
  12. www.statcounter.com is a great resource, no pop-ups and free statsOfftopic: who is this person pretty scary if you ask me
  13. scott mate you have some very weird resources, well the *** did you find that lol
  14. i'd just thought i'd do an update: Wahooo all my pages are valid, it feels good to say that
  15. <#>Thread Name Changed: Willy Wonka And the chocolate factory </#> i think the remake of the film was a complete waste of time with johnny depth. veruca "Daddy i want an oompal oompa nowwww"Dad: "Ok here you go "
  16. its not the exact site buti would eat you if i could your so good chocolate...p.s by finding this tool you won the Thanks
  17. now i dont really need it, its now just the principle of finding it, and to ensure that i was not going mad
  18. im wrecking my brain by looking all over google and i cant find it for the love of godwho ever finds it will win this golden ticketthe golden ticket lets you do nothing but be happy that you won it, i'd be greatful is this wonderful tool i was talking about is found.
  19. dont you feel good when your website passes through the validator and the next page loads with a big green banner saying This page is valid
  20. im 100% sure i saw it here. i remember now, I was looking at a colour picker thing, where you clicked the form field you wanted to change colour and then you changed the colour using there intergrated colour chooser. Above that thing was some sort of text saying 'this is the same colour chooser we choosed for our button maker'. something along those lines
  21. Im sure i saw the button make on w3schools site but now i cannot find itit was in beta versionwhat it did is you typed in what you wanted the button to say eg HTML | Valid and the generator, generated the image for you, it was a handy thing to have but now ive lost the link, anyone know where i could find it?
  22. Site Name: Nukleus (Not Nukleuz)Site Description: A website for an upcoming music producerSite Owner/Developer: MeSite Address:http://nukleus-uk.atspace.com/Extra Comments:Any comments welcome
  23. ah cr*p forgot about that thread il add it now
  24. Hi peoplei've been at it again designing another website:My brother is an upcoming music producer and asked me to make him a website and this is what i came up with.content is limited but will be filled in soon...Any comments are welcome, http://nukleus-uk.atspace.com/cheers B
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