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  1. So I am building a website for a client and I am down to my last couple days to work on it and now I am trying to get webcam chat within the website. Where the client is not obligated to download something and can just click a link to the video chat but no one else can access that chat at that time other than the counselor and the client that should be getting their session..www.gqcounseling.com is the counseling website.So any ideas? Or links to help me out?Like I said it's my last couple days.Thanks.
  2. Okay, so I figured out this isn't a JavaScript problem I think.... but for some reason I cannot get the data from the mysql to show up when I have JavaScript try and load the file but it works when I go to the file directly.Any idea why it would do this?This is the code that loads the content into a div. var refreshId = setInterval(function(){ $('#inventory').load('inventory.php').fadeIn("slow");}, 5000);
  3. Ahh yes, Mr. Firebug. I have tried using this little guy before but I still cannot seem to get an error and I can't really test it in FF because it's not showing the items I have from the mysql query... Any help with that part. Cause everything looks fine on the query to me but if it was fine then it would display the items...
  4. Maybe try something like $sql = "SELECT * FROM `NEW ORLEANS MARRIOTT`"; because there is three words in your mysql database name.
  5. Beffic

    Mysql Update

    So I have a stat point distributor for my game and I cannot seem to get it to work.It keeps returning the value to 0 every time I try to increase my stat points.I have maneuvered this code so much and I cannot figure out why... <?phpinclude("../../connect.php");include("head.php");?><center><table class="content"> <tr><td> <?php $Player=$_COOKIE['player_id']; if(isset($_POST['distribute'])){ $use=$_POST['use']; $ammount=$_POST['ammount']; if($User['StatPoint']<$ammount){ print"You do not have <font color=red>".number_format($
  6. So I am trying to get this project done as soon as possible for my client. I am having problems with it and I do not understand.So I am here. To you lovely people! =)So I have an inventory when when ever you hit equip or unequip it will go through the JavaScript function and process the MySql query in a separate PHP file. And for some reason I get a delayed effect or a bugged effect to where it does not process or it takes forever to make the change/ delayed showing effect.Also in IE it will show the table of all my equipment but in FF it wont...I am using JQuery library file found at www.jque
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