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  1. Check out these siteshttp://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/111500-1.shtmlUsing Javascripthttp://www.experts-exchange.com/Web/Web_La...Q_20828609.html
  2. Create a cookie:document.cookie = 'myCookie=' + nameprompt +';'Cookies expires: lasts for 7 days.var ckyDate = new Date;ckyDate.setDate(ckyDate.getDate( ) + 7);document.cookie = 'myCookie=' + cookieString + '; expires=' + ckyDate.toGMTString( ) + ';';For over all idea http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_cookies.asp
  3. maelstorm

    SQL Queries

    The error ORA-00904 means that there is no such field "INTEREST", just check ur tables if it has any field by that name.
  4. maelstorm

    SQL Queries

    The error ORA-00904 means that there is no such field "INTEREST", just check ur tables if it has any field by that name.
  5. maelstorm


    I would also suggest ASP.NET, Well if its gonna be a academic project then, i guess it does not need high level authentication, but if its a real time one, u better take aspnetguy's advice serious...
  6. maelstorm


    Hi How can I change the background color of a selected row in the datagrid, IMPORTANT: the last column of the datagrid contains imagebuttons, which when clicked must change the back ground color of that row.Thank you.
  7. I found a part of what you want( for countries alone), check out the link belowCountry Drop Down list
  8. maelstorm


    Well there was a simple way to put that question, and that is "How to Keep Scroll Position of Scrollable Datagrid on Postback"pretty simple soln in asp.net: In the web.config<system.web> <pages smartNavigation="true"/>
  9. maelstorm


    HI guysThanks for trying to help me, i know the way i put the question was confusing, i got the soln. thanks again.
  10. maelstorm


    Hi There are 2 frames in the site, one "below" the another. The upper frame is (longer) has a scrollbar, when i click the upper frame there will be some change in the lower frame.The problem is that if i scroll down the upper frame to click somthing as the bottom, the lower frame changes and the upper needs to stay in the place where i clicked, instead goes to the top of its page.help!!!
  11. HiThis error could occur bcos of NTFS Permission problem,Give Everyone "Full Control" over the file.HTH
  12. maelstorm


    HiYou can use onchange="somefunc();" and change the list in the second combo box.HTH
  13. HiTry writing the url part like thisbackground-image:url("file:///C:\Documents and Settings\Hard\Mine dokumenter\det_femte_ess.gif");HTH
  14. Hi guysI think Skimcin is correct. The Suggestion must be open to all.
  15. HiTry this VB.Net code.. Dim objMM As New MailMessage objMM.From = sender@crap.com objMM.To = reciever@crap.com objMM.Subject = "This is a test mail" objMM.BodyFormat = MailFormat.Html objMM.Body = "Write somthing in the body of the Mail" SmtpMail.SmtpServer = SMTP Server Name SmtpMail.Send(objMM) HTH
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