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  1. I am having issues getting my footer to color. I have it set to a sand color and sand color and white for the links. This is my Style Sheet Body {Margin: 10px;Background: #000000;}#container { margin: 0 auto; width: 760px; }#masthead { position: relative; width: 800px; height: 446px; background: url(http://www.mindlesswandering.islesofatlantis.net/layouttwo_title.jpg) repeat-x;}#content {Float: left;width: 50%;background-color: #efd880; font-color: #000000; font-size: 17px; font-family: Calibri,Giddyup Std, Harrington;}#sidebar { Float: left; width: 49.9%; background-color
  2. I am learning how to properly use div's. My css layout is being a pain though. But I understand.
  3. I really don't like squatters. Have you tired using a diffrent extention to the name you want? Cause frankly I wouldn't give more than what the name is worth. I have a place where I can get a name for 14.99.
  4. It might be a pain, but it is good practice and habits. I always validate my code once i am done writing it and get what I want done.
  5. Validating your code means it good code. It meets all the requirements and standards of W3C if i am correct. It is also good practice. Also when you validate, that means the broswer wont do it's own thing to your codes.
  6. You might also want to try wordpress. It's not just for blogs
  7. You could also use a CMS. It would require a server though, and one with a cms that was pre loaded.
  8. Well if you have a hosting service, check and see if they have any you can click and install. Like word press, joomla, etc. I have a total of 7 CMS's I can click and install. The two I mention are 2 of them and I use Wordpress for my blog.
  9. RainsMirage


    You can do a web search on how to code a css template, or you can go buy a book. They are not that hard.
  10. You may want to try this place. So far they are better than my last host.Web Hosting
  11. It will be a bacholors of science and arts. I'm doing mine through the univerity of phoenix. But first I have to get through my visuazl comm degree.
  12. Well you could put some more content in there instead of the testing stuff. Greens not my favorite color. I would be careful about putting a background unless you fixed it and picked something that would compilment your layout. You might want to make your content box transpearent.
  13. it's ok. How do I dod the css popup box you mentioned. I only know how to make long lists.
  14. Ok. The white around the flower was ment to be like a glowing effect. and I can't get my mouse to get that close. It hurts my wrist. I already have a file named that. So do i just put the code inside the wrapper of the style sheet i already have?
  15. How do I do all of that? The left image, that's how i doctored it. That is one of my daylilies. But i have no idea what you are saying.....Yeah i'm an idoit.
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