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  1. Thanks for the replies. I have surfed a lot to find others who had the problem and tried suggestions by them. That is how I installed .NET 3.5 and VC++ 2008 x64. But still no luck. Trying on another system is not an option. Still awaiting suggestions.
  2. Incidentally I have also installed VC++ 2008 x64
  3. Dear Devoted Member,Thanks for the reply. I had already visited the link you have given and installed the required software. However still no luck. Any other suggestions?
  4. Hi guys, I have wamp installed on my windows vista home basic. It was running fine till a while ago. Now when I try to run it it would not load local host. Here is what all I have tried : Upgraded to wamp 2.2e Made sure port 80 is free Made sure skype or any other software is not conflicting with wamp Checked my hosts, and other config files for local host (but suggestions are welcome in case I have missed something. installed .net 3.5 sp1 frame work. When I try to load wamp I am getting a popup which says "Aestan Tray Menu has stopped working". Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks in ad
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