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  1. PixelxDI tried but still not work, Application starts but variable is not picked upAppreciate if you can help me with other suggestionThanks
  2. Thanks for your reply,Forget the VB, all I need is the way of adding parameter to hyperlink to run applicationRegards
  3. Yes it is by using command$Private Sub Form_Load()'hold the command parametersCommandsParameter = Command$End Sub
  4. Hi,If I execute D:\SafetyTrack\Safety.exe 123456 from run command, the program works fine and paramter 123456 is provided to the exe application (VB).But if I have a hyperlink as D:\SafetyTrack\Safety.exe#123456 Then the vb application exe opens up but does not pick up the parameter 123456It is an HTML email message that I create from the prorgam, the HTML code is semilar to below:<p class=MsoNormal><ahref="file:///D:\SafetyTrack\Safety.exe 123456">Click here to launch Safety Item</a></p>I have tried many ways such as D:\SafetyTrack\Safety.exe#123456 or D:\SafetyTrack\S
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