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  1. Wow looks incredible. Come a very long way.
  2. mobone

    Fill Up Menu Bar

    Nice! thanks a lot.
  3. mobone

    Fill Up Menu Bar

    I'd like the menu bar to be placed right on the bottom of the background of the menu, but it's not acting like text would. The menu bar doesn't even know theres menu items in it. How do I get the menu background to fill up the whole menu area.Thankshttp://
  4. This is a web site I'm doing for my dad. He likes the first one the most, but that is my least favorite. He thinks the other two are too simple, but I'm trying to convince him simple=good.Any comments would be great.Edit: Added updated version of design one.Design OneDesign TwoDesign ThreeDesign Four (Design One Edited)
  5. All I have is his email. Waiting game.
  6. I just went real low cause it's my first job. So you don't think he ran cause it was quoted too high. Or by horrible did you mean it was too high.
  7. So I got my first PHP job and am worried the guy doesn't want to go with me anymore. He wanted a bike store with 20 categories and several items in each. It would have a page to display the items in the category, and then when you click it a new page would open with more information. Just like any web store. He also wanted an easy to use admin panel that was password protected that he could add/remove/edit any category or item. I told him it would take 15 - 30 hours at $15/hour. So anywhere from $225 to $450. Now I'm worried since he hasn't responded for two days, that he thinks that is too much. Is it too much? I'd make it all nice with css and everything, not some crummy job.He did take two days to respond to my first email to though.Edit: it's actually only been one day.. I'm just nervous/excited.
  8. Just some guy also saw security flaws in just using javascript. Someone could edit their variables.
  9. I was just trying to use setTimeouts to set how fast the players hit each other, since php doesn't have anything time based like that. I could just take the speed part out and just run the whole battle once and then output the results, unless you can think of a way to implement different speeds of attack with php.
  10. I'm making a game, and using setTimeout for the attack speeds. But sometimes the attack speeds are too fast for ajax, and the battle misses a beat. I would rather have a php running the battle in the background using session variables, and use sleep to slow it down a little. Then have another page for ajax to connect to and send the session data.Basically I want ajax to call the battle page, to start the script, but not wait for it to finish.Is this possible?
  11. mobone

    Software In 5 Years

    I know it's a taboo question cause nobody really ever knows, but personally I see languages like PHP replacing C, C++ entirely in the form of online applications for everything. They're already doing it with google docs and database manipulation.Online applications are more portable, easier to deliver, and easier to upgrade or patch.Your thoughts?
  12. I want to pass name to output.
  13. <script language='javascript' type='text/javascript'> function getHTTPObject(){ http = window.XMLHttpRequest ? new XMLHttpRequest : (window.ActiveXObject ? new ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLHTTP'): null); return http; } function output() { if(httpObject.readyState == 4) { json = httpObject.responseText; var obj = eval('(' + json + ')'); eval(obj.timer); document.getElementById('defenderoutput').innerHTML = obj.amount; } } function attack(){ httpObject = getHTTPObject(); if (httpObject != null) { httpObject.open('GET', 'test.php', true); httpObject.send(null); httpObject.onreadystatechange = output; } }</script> Where I call the output function in the attack function, if I opt out the (), it works. But if I make it output(); I get a "not implemented" error. I looked over the w3schools JavaScript functions page and can't think of whats wrong.
  14. mobone

    Ajax And Settimeout

    K got it working! Thanks for the help!
  15. mobone

    Ajax And Settimeout

    So I'd have one block requesting the timer, another requesting the data, and two sets of both blocks, for both attacker and defender. Isn't there an easier way? I want the timers to be separate so one person can slow the others attack rate.
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