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  1. That almost works, the only problem is that, I need it to be submitted as if you were signing up for something, if i do it the way you said, it just tells them that it is sending to an email, and makes the person go through a long process.
  2. I want the stuff people type in the boxes, and when they click submit, I want the info to be sent to the email.
  3. Awesome guys, thanks alot. I might stick around here :)P.S. I still need help with the email thing.
  4. Can I use Javascript, even if I save in a .HTML format through notepad?
  5. Hi all, I plan to work on a MMORPG For the next few years, but I need a little help on something for the webpage. I made a checkbox, and I have a Submit and a Back button. I have a few questions about this. How do I make the submit button be pale, and unclickable, until they check the box to agree to the terms of agreements?How do I make the website go back to the page before, in they click the back button?How do I make the website go forward, (onto the next page/step) if they click submit?How do I make it so that when they type in the username and password, it will send it to an email?For whoever helps me, thanks!
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