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  1. ooh man wowowow 61 errors and 7 warnings? man how can I fix this, I read through most of them and Can't really understand it...Edit: So I did the HTML tidy thing and fixed a lot of my issues, I've knocked it down to 3 - 3.
  2. http://www.kayletascrackhouse.webs.com/the sitehttp://www.kayletascrackhouse.webs.com/style.cssthe CSSFor some reason, I cannot figure out how to make it adjust to other peoples resolutions, which leads to some big issues, I made the site with my resolution being 1280x1024 any help is greatly appreciated!-Kayleta-
  3. http://www.kayletascrackhouse.webs.com/Now I'm working on the colors, and the sidebars I'm not sure what to do with, it all just basic HTML and CSS.It might be big on your guys I don't know what resolutions you guys have, I need to figure on how to make is adjust.Thanks, Kayleta
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