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  1. Actually i am using the InType, and i think is very useful www.intype.info
  2. Try to add something like this on the link: <a href="D:\SafetyTrack\Safety.exe" rel="123456 nofollow"> The Exe link </a> And change the VB to pick the variable from the 'rel'.I always do this with the flashvars to pick the variables from the rel, or title, or id, or anything else depending on the tag...
  3. Hello Everyone, My name is Mauricio Vargas, i'm an Front-end Engineer, with 6 great years of work in the area and specializing in SEO, Webstandards and a lot more.I live in Brasil (Brazil for some), in the state of Santa Catarina (city: Florianópolis).Well, that's all for now...Thanks
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