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    any other problems?
  2. Esqarrouth

    Php Testing?

    thanks guys problem solved
  3. Esqarrouth

    Php Testing?

    dont have a clue, did everything on the wamp site
  4. click on the "members" at the menusort the list by posting numbers click on some random users and find out
  5. typomeant notepad++ fixed that
  6. Esqarrouth

    Is This Bad?

    it looks goodbut maybe you should change the color of the banners writinggreen and blue didnt mix up very well there
  7. hi guysFull name:Göktuğ YılmazAlternative name(s):Gok2 Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy):24/08/1989Gender:MZodiacal sign:VirgoCountry of residance:TurkeyCity of residance:AnkaraHeight:1.80Weight:85Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:NoneFavourite Music: RnB,HipHop,RockFavourite Movies: Star WarsInterest: Football, Anything with PCsPets: Got some tamed dragons and other creatures in ultima online Additional comments: Here to learn more about web dev, hope you guys will help
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