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    any other problems?
  2. Esqarrouth

    Php Testing?

    thanks guys problem solved
  3. Esqarrouth

    Php Testing?

    dont have a clue, did everything on the wamp site
  4. click on the "members" at the menusort the list by posting numbers click on some random users and find out
  5. typomeant notepad++ fixed that
  6. it looks goodbut maybe you should change the color of the banners writinggreen and blue didnt mix up very well there
  7. hi guysFull name:Göktuğ YılmazAlternative name(s):Gok2 Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy):24/08/1989Gender:MZodiacal sign:VirgoCountry of residance:TurkeyCity of residance:AnkaraHeight:1.80Weight:85Smoking/Drinking/Drugs:NoneFavourite Music: RnB,HipHop,RockFavourite Movies: Star WarsInterest: Football, Anything with PCsPets: Got some tamed dragons and other creatures in ultima online Additional comments: Here to learn more about web dev, hope you guys will help
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