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  1. That's great! On a side note I had to change my line breaks from " + '\n' + " to ' + '\n' + ' (quotes to single quotes) Why is that?
  2. I meant to say how would I make multiple buttons, that each have their own alert.What you've given is one button that shows multiple alerts. Sorry I didn't explain better. I've been experimenting, and found a method that works when I test it, but I'm not sureit is the proper way to code it. <script type="text/javascript">function disp_alert(){alert("Message");}</script><input type="button" onclick="disp_alert()" value="Message" /> <script type="text/javascript">function disp_alert2(){alert("Message 2");}</script><input type="button" onclick="disp_alert2()" va
  3. I've followed this tutorial: http://www.w3schools.com/js/js_popup.asp How would I go about creating more than one alert box per webpage?
  4. Hello, I've gone through lots of the HTML tutorials on this site, and even managed to include some CSS and Java bits along with my HTML coding. What I would like to learn next is how to make the equivalent of HTML tables, where the top row lists the categories of each column, only with the added feature that clicking on one of the categories will reorganize the table according to the alphabetical order of that column's category. I've found various tutorials online that explain the bits and pieces of coding, but wasn't able to find a completed sample with all the coding combined so that I could
  5. Is there an html tag for unicode symbols?And are unicode symbols viewable on most browsers?
  6. yup that was it, thanks!
  7. ah! i'll look into it thanks
  8. dsonesuk: That works great! You're awesome!
  9. I came across this the other day, a table with a title inset along the border on the upper left.If only I could remember where i found it...can someone tell me the html for it? thanks
  10. thanks a lot everyone, i'll try 'em out!
  11. Hello, I would like to build a page with a central scroll box, and I would like to have several links on that page to load new content in the old scroll box (while staying on the same page). I already know how to make a link, and how to make a scroll box. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.P.S. (If this matters, one of the links would bring back the original scroll box content)
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