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  1. I have a web site which has 2 languages English and Chinese, how could i make the index page auto select different language and redirect to a page according to different browser language(the index.php is only for redirecting), in my case it's English and Chinese, I heard that Javascript has limited functionality for this,can anyone give some sample code or useful resources, many thanks!
  2. thanks, very helpful, I think to use php is easier and my pages are running in a php server, but still i don'tknow how to do with it, can you or someone give me some of the sample code for making this happen!
  3. So I have a site which has 2 languages English and Chinese, how could I direct the front page according different user language, I think this could be done by using browser language detection and window.onload to direct but can't writethe actual code, please help and any useful sources are welcomed as well, thanks in advance!!
  4. thanks guys, I solved my problem and learned a lot!!
  5. I have this page:http://www.looker-inc.com/@archive/looker-inc/au/index.htmlwhich draws 2 vertical lines by the content area using css like this:.page-container{width: 770px; margin: 0px auto; padding: 0px; background: url(../img/background_layout_1.gif) top left repeat-y; border: solid 1px rgb(100,100,100);}but I want to only draw one vertical line on the left side by the menu.I tried to use different values like repeat-x, no-repeat etc but I can only either get 2 vertical lines or nothing,what confused me is this background GIF is 770x*1px you can download from here:http://www.looker-inc.com/@archive/looker-...nd_layout_1.gifI don't know why you can't see the gif pic through the webpage but you can download it by right clicking->Save Page Asafter downloaded this gif you can try this code to do the test more conveniently:<html><head><style type="text/css">.container{width: 770px; margin: 0px auto; padding: 0px; background: url(background_layout_1.gif);}div{height:1000px;}</style></head><body><div class="container"></div></body>please help me out for this and tell me how could i use these gif lines more efficiently in css/web design, i've seen many many, any tutorials are also welcomed, many thanks!
  6. can anyone tell me if if I'm going to build a totally bilingual enabled site(e.g:English and Chinese)which is the best way to create the Mysql databae:1.to create sibling tables, suppose one named table_english(...) and another named table_chinese2.create company fields in one table,for example:bilingual_table(english,chinese)please tell me which is the best way or suggest other better methods,this site is medium/small sized but must fully support bilingual display&switching,thank you very much and sorry for my English!
  7. hi, i have a site(www.frmv.com) which is php enabled jsp host,i used sphpblog (www.simplephpblog.com) selected the interface language as simplified chinese and everything worked ok at first few days,but i got wrong code displaying now, i don't know why?my question:how to force the broswer to read my page as utf-8 encoded webpage since all the blogging software sphpblog were UTF-8 encoded.thank you in advance...
  8. what does "{$src}" mean?is that a server side scripting or programing?i just don't get the $ symbol,i'm very new to this area and would very appreciateif somebody help me out:)
  9. Boen thank you very much !!!while the page looks ugly it works perfectly:http://www.frmv.com/collection.xmlYOU DID GREAT JOB THAT I CAN'T JUST GET OVER BY SPENT A TON OF TIMES TO LEARNING OR SEARCHING,AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
  10. thank you very much for letting me know it's possible but i still don't know how to put all the code together and make it work this is the styling xsl codethis is the xml page with stylemy problem:where to put the needed code into right places and make all things worksample needed code from you mentioned link:1.<a target="_blank"><xsl:attribute name="href"><xsl:value-of select="link" /></xsl:attribute></a>2.<xsl:variable name="LINK" value="link"><a href="{$LINK}" target="blank"><xsl:value-of select="name" /></a> please help,thank you again!!
  11. hi guys, is it possible to make xml data as a hyperlink, when styled with xslthe xml data is clickable and pointed to another html page, also can i have an xmldata as an IMG url showing just image on the xml or html page instead of plain texts...it is better to use client scripting like javascript or jsp solutions without database support,thank you in advance!this is a sample page showing the STATIC xml page:http://www.frmv.com/collection.xml
  12. i used mozilla firefox and i tried every possible links in ie, i'm not totaly a newbie to computers(as i known this site 4years ago :-) even our system admin in our company can't fix this..firefox is good but i'm very intrested what was hapening and want to use both browers( in some cases i perfer use ie)..thank you for your help,if i can't fix this next week i will have to reinstall my system
  13. Full name: papinoAlternative name(s): papinoBirth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 07/09/1975Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: NACountry of residance: chinaCity of residance:GuangzhouHeight: 172cm Weight: 65kg Eyes: blackHair: blackSmoking/Drinking/Drugs: sometimes/ not much/ nothing illegalFavourite Music: everything even rap Favourite Movies: french and americanInterest: many many hard to say..Additional comments: 你好!
  14. the above search keyword is W3SCHOOLS
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