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  1. i don't know what else to say, i just don't have a portfolio, only thing i can do is to work for free.if you guys are really interested, you can PM me, i can show you some design in JPEG's.
  2. photoshop, illustratorphp, javascript, ruby on rails, c#/asp.net mvc i have design studio experience as a production artisti have done a personal web app project, but there wasn't any design effort becasue i was using twitter bootstrap for it, so it's not relevant.
  3. i only offer to work for free under the condition that you don't ask for proof,if i have proof that i am good, why would i want to work for free?and you certainly don't use me as an intern, because i need no trainning from you.
  4. then i wouldn't work for free, you good with that?
  5. that sounds reasonable, but what web page?
  6. I am a developer as well, I mentioned in the initial post.Now I just want to build a design portfolio, and just want to know if someone can help me out by bringing me into a real client project.If the answer is no, that's fine, but please don't stray from the topic.If you want to know more about me, you can PM me, but please guys, no more lecturing please.
  7. Hey I don't want to get into a fight. If you don't want to help me that's fine.I think I've described the benefit pretty clear, it's free, it will be awesome, I just don't have proof.Are you saying that I need to prove I can do awesome design, and you still want it for free?
  8. We are talking about short term here - some guy agree to have me to do his design, if I'm no good, then he won't work with me anymore, very short term.It's the decision of using me the first time or not. I never say that I can't produce good design, in fact, I am certain that I can, that's why I'm doing this. What I said about certainty is just facts, and try to give you a perspective that's all. Now simply talking about certainty, you still won't trust me. What you asking is proof that I can do it, not just my word, and that I can't give you. Did columbus went to the west before and that he could prove he can before he did? Niche, if you don't want to help me that's fine, please don't destroy me? I just want to design.
  9. But it's free. If I can prove that I am good, then I would be able to make real money, why would I still do it free then?Of course, you can say you don't want it free, you just want it to be good and need proof that it will be good.But I am looking for people who are willing to take a chance, trust me, and be potentially rewarded with free design.If it's not your cup of tea, that's fine. And in business, profit is always related to risk, like the stock market and opening of a new business based on an unproven idea.Simply because there is never 100% certainty that you will get what you want, except for recurring buy such as going back for more slim jim.Even if some design guy who shows an awesome portfolio, he could still be slacking on your job while you pay him loads of money. The risk is always there, thought it's slim, BUT the profit is slim as well, because you have to pay him loads of money because he got an awesome portfolio.
  10. Thanks for the advice, but ...If my design turn out to be poor, you don't have to use it.If I can prove that I am good, I wouldn't be offering the service for free now, right?Just to make sure that you guys understand where I come from, you need to take some risk here, and you will potentially be rewarded with free awesome design.I do believe there are some guys out there would appreciate what I'm trying to do here.
  11. No, my intention is to get a web design portfolio, so that I can either get a job as a web designer or get clients as a freelance web designer.
  12. I don't have any samples, sorry guys, because that's what I'm trying to make.You don't really have anything to lose here, I'm offering my skills for free.You won't regret it, it's like a help me help you situation.
  13. I am a developer and a designer for the web. But right now, I want to create a web designer portfolio.Any freelance web developer here willing to work with me? I will do the design work for free.I just need a few pieces of real websites to show for portfolio. So i need a developer with real clients.Can someone help me out please.
  14. if IE8 and lower don't support CSS3, why are people even using it?
  15. what is managed vs unmanaged in .NET, can someone explain this graph?
  16. OOP is great, but at some small task, it could be an over kill and hence not so efficient, for example, a 5 pages website, all you want are rollover buttons and dynamic body content, so all you need is an ajax function to load content from an xml file while using another function to give all the buttons their corresponding rollovers. You accomplish everything you wanted in two functions.
  17. folks, i am not looking for a tutorial on how to do OOP in JS, as i already know how to, i am just asking what kind of reusable you guys make.
  18. to answer your question, i am talking about reusable code that you use across projectsthough, telling people javascript doesn't have classes isn't very helpful these days, but what do u mean by "not possible to write non-OO code?"
  19. Do you guys do OOP with JS? if yes what objects/classes you make?
  20. function changecolor() { this.style.background="red"; for (i=0;i<this.parentNode.length;i++) { if(this.parentNode.childNodes!=this) { this.parentNode.childNodes.style.background=NULL; } }}so what i want to do is to have menu that change color when the item is clicked, and the siblings will be the normal color.this function that i wrote it achieve the first part, but the siblings won't go back to normal.
  21. could someone explain it how a database class is constructed, and what it does?thx in advance
  22. are scripting languages inferior to programming languages, such as javascript, php, actionscript VS c++, c#, javaor they are just as complicated and useful as programming languages
  23. hi, i am looking for a flash tutorial that is same style as the tutorials in w3schools
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