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  1. Installatron can be handy if you need to create backups, dev environment etc, but it's also super easy to install without it
  2. Aurix

    Medical Billing

    Thank you. That is great to hear! ;-)
  3. I made a simple blog about medical billing.What is medical billing? The medical billing companies are responsible for medical payments, so the doctor himself can focus on treating people instead of being financially involved in collection of accounts receivables, co-payments, claim denial appeals, reminders for past due accounts and that kind of stuff.ReviewDesign, content and tips where to put adsense.
  4. Thank you for the review. Glad to hear you like it.I'd ask for more reviews now because I've pretty much revamped the whole site!
  5. Thanks that is good to hear
  6. Well, I just wanted to say the design has been revamped big times.
  7. Why the cheapest? I don't recommend that, you will just pay for nothing probably.
  8. This site is providing very much useful resources in form of downloads, articles, support and more for Tibia and Open Tibia players.It has almost 1 000 files and around 50 articles so far. Work in progress!I'd like a review, both of design and layout.http://tibiahelp.comThanks!
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