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  1. Site Name: Infinity StyleSite Description: a graphics design community with a bunch of resources and tutorialsSite Owner/Developer: abney317Site Address: http://infinitystyle.comExtra Comments: currently working on a revamp... but the site has been up for a few months
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    yeah... I always have an image sig haha... since I use photoshop all the time and i have a photoshop site... but considering nobody hear really has an image sig... I'll just leave mine blank
  3. hey everyone :)I have a few websites and I know quite a bit of coding... I also do a lot of Photoshop designingI just registered because I got bored haha
  4. if this is what I think you are talking about... then this should work for youin your form tag add "target=_new"<form action="example.php" method=POST target=_new>
  5. to just remove the bottom on you could tryoverflow-x:hiddenin the body area you have there
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