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  1. What if I wanted all links to always go to page2, but only represent the number in plain html text?
  2. I was wondering, I want to make a set of links on my page, which basically hold a value (number in this case), which I want to if clicked to be presented on the second page which the links are all directed to.so far I have the following <?php for ($i=0; $i<3; $i++) echo "<a href='page2.php' name='link'>Clickable Link</a>" . "<br />"; ?> this makes the links for me, but I really have no clue how I would go about attaching a number that I want to display on the second page goes.
  3. I used Notapad for around the first year, then shifted to notepad for about 2 years, then I came in contact with Dreamweaver and started using this tool.Ingolme is actually very correct, specially with Dreamweaver (from when I last used it) it renders things a bit different.But about for 3 or 4 months now I started using Aptana Studios, I just simply LOVE this tool, it's not as heavy as Dreamweaver, does a couple of things a bit more logical than Dreamweaver and has easy options to open browsers, it also gives you previews of your HTML and CSS in both FF and IE, still the 2 most common used br
  4. Not sure what you mean by that.
  5. Thats true, however necessary for the older IE browsers, I haven't done any research weather IE9 has remove this and allows Opacity.
  6. I wasn't quite sure weather to put this under CSS or Javascript, so replace it if you must.What I am trying to do is change certain style's of an image when someone hovers over the image, I did get to work that the image shifts from opacity, but not I am trying to add a size to it, but I can't get it to function acordingly. <img src="images/trob.png" width="150px" height="150px" name="trob" class="fade" alt="trob" onmouseover="trob.style.opacity=1; trob.filters.alpha.opacity=100; trob.style.width='300px'; trob.style.height='300px';" onmouseout="this.style.opacity=0.3; this.filters.alpha.o
  7. Hemlock

    Akward Whitespace

    Well I did state them to be on 0 at the start off my stylesheet, they are working proper now with the divs as containers.
  8. Evening,Not sure what I am doing wrong here in particulair, but I thought this should work. <script language="JavaScript"> <!-- Start news = new Image(); news.src = 'imageWeb/newsOn.png'; //End --> </script><a href="news.html" onmouseover="news.src=imageWeb/newsOn.png;" onmouseout="news.src=imageWeb/newsOut.png;"><img src="imageWeb/newsOut.png" alt="news" width="172px" height="45px" name="news" /></a> Or am I missing something here, cause they different images are not being displayed.
  9. Hemlock

    Akward Whitespace

    Isn't overflow simply used for a scrollbar? I tried applying it, however it doesn't work, and from what I can see, I am not using any margin to the paragraphs or headers, just padding, but those apply to the left and right.I guess ill go with the regular DIV use and use them as a background image.
  10. Hemlock

    Akward Whitespace

    Excuse me for the somewhat poor explanation, it's sittuated in the news blocks, they are like 2 or 3 pixels in height, basically between the two black images stripes that have a beveled corner.
  11. Hemlock

    Akward Whitespace

    Good evening,I have this akward whitespace issue @ http://hemlock.dhportal.net/oldskool/news.html , which I cannot seem to solve, I have tried numberous fail attempts on setting all padding and margin to 0 of the consearning classes and ID's.the whitespace is sittuated under and above the images that are supposed to connect to the content that lies between them.Any ideas?Regards
  12. Your opperating system should not be the involving factor for you issue.However, your margin to you HR (or second image) is pressent, the reason why you don't see it, is caused by the fact that your image is floating, so the margin of your HR starts counting from the top of the image (or respectively the last tag used before the image).The thing that you'd need to apply is then a bigger margin to your HR (keep in mind that this will effectively work against other objects that hang above it as well, but I guess you shouldn't.You could use a pseudo class after your image, to make a fake image re
  13. Hemlock

    Css Dropdown

    Hello Reader,Currently I am trying to create a form of a dropdown menu, however with a little spin to it. <ul> <li><a href="#">Subjects</a> <ul> <li>year1</li> <ul id="subject"> <li>subject1</li> <li>subject2</li> <li>subject3</li> <li>subject4</li> <li>subject5</li> </ul> <li>year2</li> <ul id="subject"> <li>subject1</li> <li>subject2</li>
  14. Thank you for the answers people
  15. Might be a tad a bit of a silly question, but I couldn't find it anywhere on google, but what is the selector to add attributes to all basic selectors, such as table, div, etc.regards
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