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  1. Easiest way is to make a new folder on your C drive called something like: mysite.In this folder put the webpage and imageIn the webpage put: <a href="http://www.google.com"><img src="pic.jpg" /></a>pic = the name of your picture.jpg = the type of picture, ie jpg gif pngYou could also access it with the full path like so: <img src="C:\mysite\pic.jpg" />

    Thanks Scott100. I had to make sure my Macintosh TextEditor did not append the .txt file extension and instead just keep the .html extension.Other than that, your directions worked like a charm! :) They even helped to clarify a little more of the lesson that w3 had. For example, I was able to get in some practice at resizing the image. Thanks again. ScottM
  2. Dear Forum Friends:A little bit of good news. I discovered the Mac equivalent of notepad. It’s called TextEdit. I found, given the proper html code, that I could turn a humble TextEdit file into a working html file simply by adding the .html extension when I save a TextEdit file. Okay, now, I’m at the stage of my html studies where I’m studying links. W3 calls it “An image as a link.” I have had some previous html experience but my mind is still a jumble. Do I create an index.html page first? Do I create a folder that houses the index.html page and a subfolder that contains an image from my hard drive? How do I code my html to correlate to these?I am able to create a basic html file by creating the html code in a TextEdit file, saving the TextEdit file to my hard drive as a .html file, and opening this .html file in Firefox. I am able to create a basic html file, with text that serves as a link to a website, by creating the html code in a TextEdit file, saving the TextEdit file to my hard drive as a .html file, and opening this .html file in Firefox.But how do I create an html file, using TextEdit, that uses an image (from my hard drive) as a link?Thanks! ScottM

  3. Hello Forum :) When I had a pc, practicing html was a simple matter of opening up notepad, typing in code, saving the file as an html file to my hard drive, and opening it in my browser. Now, however, I have a Macintosh Powerbook G4 with the Mac OSX (Jaguar) operating system. I also have Microsoft Word via Microsoft Office for the Mac. If it helps to know, the two browsers I use are Safari and FirefoxMy question is, with the browsers I have, how can I practice html using MacOSX and/or Microsoft Word?Thanks :)Scott M.

  4. Hi Chocolate:I just recently started studying the html lessons on the w3schools website. I find I have questions about the material. In other words, I have found things I don't understand and need further clarification on. Is there someone I can turn to or some feature I can turn to related to w3schools to help with me questions I have?Thanks! Scott M.

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