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    Datetime Or "..."

    Thank you, this is very useful and exactly what I hoped for
  2. Hi folks,I want to have an element that either contains a dateTime or the literal string "...". Is there any way to specify this in Schema?The element in question is the creationTimestamp element as below: <complexType name="persistedEntity"> <sequence> <element name="editedBy" type="string" minOccurs="0" /> <element name="creationTimestamp" type="dateTime" minOccurs="0" /> <element name="status" type="syringe:entityStatus" minOccurs="0" /> </sequence> </complexType> <complexType name="role"> <complexContent> <extension base="syringe:mnemonizedPersistedEntity"> <sequence> <element name="name" type="string" /> <element name="builtIn" type="boolean" minOccurs="0" /> </sequence> </extension> </complexContent> </complexType> I would like to be able to use it as such: <role> <editedBy>SYSTEM</editedBy> <creationTimestamp>...</creationTimestamp> <status>NORMAL</status> <mnemonic>ADMIN</mnemonic> <name>ADMIN</name> <builtIn>true</builtIn> </role> The "..." is for testing purposes, a way to say "I don't care what dateTime is here", whereas the actual dateTime is used in any other case.Cheers,Sybren
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