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    Validation Error

    Firstly, I don't see where CSS comes into play here... looks like HTML to me.Secondly, just a tip.... instead of writing the whole document.getElementById thing, you can just refer to the same element as "this".For example, <a href="contact.html"><img id="contact2" src="Images/contact.png"onmouseover='this.src="Images/contact2.png"'onmouseout='this.src="Images/contact.png"' border="0" alt="Contact Lenses" />
  2. If all your links are loading in the iFrame you must have set its target as the name of the iFrame.Try changing the target to _blank.For example, <a href="http://www.w3schools.com" target="_blank">w3schools</a> This will open the link in a new window.
  3. Hello.htm ?I don't really think this is an HTML file. Its more like ASP ?You might be reading the wrong tutorial
  4. It would help if you gave more details about your onClick method. Try posting the code you were using for that method.In any case, what i would have done would be define the onclick function like this:Giving the DIV an id of "info", the function would be: - function Set_Product_Var(id){var info = document.getElementById('info')var details = new Array()details[0] = "Product A. Price $3.00"details[1] = "Product B. Price $2.50"details[2] = "Product C. Absoultely Free!"info.innerHTML = details[id]} Basically make an array with information for each product id.And each time you do the onclick function, put the argument as the row # or product id or whatever.Like onclick="Set_Product_Var(2)"etc.Of course, you might have something else in mind... therefore just post what you were trying to do.
  5. What exactly does parseFloat do?
  6. I think the topic starter wants to link to a free-hosted page like freewebs or something which he/she won't be able to point to.(I may be wrong of course)
  7. How come :)The highval is an int not a string right? Shouldnt it make 77 higher????Oh and I said its simple as in simple to make on your own (assuming the topic starter is a learner).
  8. Verminox


    Why not use Javascript?Do you want to get random images off a folder which continuously updates or just random images from a set of a few.If you have a fixed amount of random images then use Javascript which is much easier.
  9. Verminox

    BBCode to HTML

    Ouch, long and painful code.I made an easier/smaller BBCode to HTML Converter using Javascript, on a single HTML page.If you want that JS script PM me
  10. Yes that would be the alternative, since you cannot set a type to the prompt box.But if you want, you can popup a window with an input with type='password'.It won't give the same effect but at least its a popup password field
  11. In the head of your document add this: <script language="JavaScript">var redirect = []redirect[0] = ["http://OLDURLHERE.com" , "http://REDIRECTEDURLHERE.com"]redirect[1] = ["http://OLDURLHERE.com" , "http://REDIRECTEDURLHERE.com"]redirect[2] = ["http://OLDURLHERE.com" , "http://REDIRECTEDURLHERE.com"]for(n=0;n<redirect.lengh;n++){if( location.href = redirect[n][0] ){window.location=redirect[n][1];}}</SCRIPT> Explanation? Sure.Its just an array with the first value as the OLD URL and the second value as the NEW URL.Now, looping from 0 to the last array entry (redirect.length), you put a conditional redirect. (In this case looping for the variable n.That is, if the first value of the redirect (redirect[n][0]) is the current location (location.href), then the window is redirected to (window.location) the new location (redirect[n][1])
  12. If you want to keep it simple use this: <script type="text/javascript">var studentGrade=new Array();for (var i=1; i<=10; i++){var Grade = prompt("Please enter Grade#"+i+" :","");studentGrade[i]=new Array(Grade);}var highval = ''var highgrade = ''for (var i=1; i<=10; i++){if(studentGrade[i]>highval){highval = studentGrade[i]highgrade = i}}document.write("The highest Grade is #"+highgrade+" : " + highval + "<br>");</script>
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