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  1. Number 1 worked fine. Thanks. My homepage is now brimming with new functionality that might just eventually save more work-hours than I spent trying to make it.
  2. The path string is fine. I did the double backslash thing to deal with Windows paths.I just put the button back in, which calls move() on click and when I activate it that way, it works fine. It moves the page to the link I want. For some reason, when called from eventHander(), the redirect line just doesn't do anything.Actually, it does do something. It refresh the current page and adds a ? at the end of the url in the address bar.
  3. For the homepage I use at work to access all the files and sites I need, I'm trying to add a feature that allows me to automatically access the folder of a specific item by simply typing it in. This is as an alternative to just having a link to higher level folder and then scrolling around searching for it.I have a text box, where I type in the name of the item. The Javascript then pulls together the path., eg I type ABC and the script assembles a path "rootpath\ and redirects the window to it.This is the HTML. Nice and simple. <form> <input type="text" id="mytext" onkeypress="ret
  4. My latest tweaking has revealed a couple of annoying bits of strange behaviour in Safari and Opera.The page in question is here.Background problem in SafariThe background image is quite large dimensions-wise. I wanted it to be oversized to minimise the situations involving an insightly image edge appearing. However, Safari seems to automatically resize the image so it fits in the window. This is particularly annoying since the aspect ratio of the image means it's not tall enough to encompass the entire content. Is there a property I can use to switch off this behaviour in Safari? Of cours
  5. Glom

    Image formats

    I'm thinking I might be forced into using bitmaps for some of my button images. I want the buttons to blend into the container but neither png nor jpg is capable of preserving the colour sufficiently well. There is always a slight difference in tone which makes the edges of the picture show up. Gif seems to work fine except it destroys the quality of image. So I'm left with bmp.Currently, the total size of the template page (ie not including the content) is 125KB. That's the markup, the stylesheet and all the images (a mixture of png, jpg and gif). If I change the images I want to bmp, i
  6. You mean I can't use XHTML 1.1?
  7. I went to validate my home page. It said the page was valid XHTML 1.1 but gave one warning. Now what is that all about?
  8. I discovered the alpha channel filter not two days ago and I have to say it is really cool. I have used it for my browser homepage. This page is simply a document on my hard drive that has links to my commonly used websites. Simply images in links jobby. I applied an alpha filter with 55% opacity to the basic element with it switching to style 2 (100-70) when hovering. With images that have a lot of white in them against a background which is very black. It has this cool light bulb effect.Now here's the point. I'm thinking of how to introduce this into my website. There my buttons are
  9. In the interests of my productivity, I want to compile a list of links to documents important to me that are strewn all across our unnavigable server. My favourite idea is a simple HTML page with direct links to these documents. The only problem is that they open inside the browser. Is there some simple markup that will open them up outisde eg a spreadsheet opens up in Excel etc?(yes I know I could make a folder of shortcuts and that's plan B if this doesn't pan out)
  10. Yeah IE7 sucks. It won't display my favicons. Mozilla will.But Mozilla sucks. It keep screwing up my borders and underlining. IE7 gets it right.So they both ###### in different ways.(Erm, why is the word that describes what you do to drink through a straw being bleeped out?)
  11. Glom

    Website icons

    I tried what you recommended, but I'm not seeing the icon. Does anyone else see it?
  12. Glom

    CSS buttons

    I like to use images for links in the appropriate places, but I also like links that change when you hover over them. That's difficult for images directly without using javascript.So I conjured up another way of making dynamic images. I make the link an empty container, which I manipulate in css to take the appropriate size with the desired background image.You can see it on my home page. The validation buttons at the bottom are CSS buttons.Now the question: is this a smart idea or does it cause more problems than it solves.
  13. Glom

    Website icons

    You see all over the place websites will little icons that stick in the address bar and the favourites menu for a website. How do you make one of those?
  14. Glom

    CSS buttons

    I have to check on whether anyone thinks this approach is a good or a bad idea.This page uses my new template (I junked the php stuff in the end, too complicated for my purposes). This is the CSS. The template is basically the same in structure, though slightly different in presentation and markedly different in markup.As you can see, I use a number of buttons in the sidebar and at the bottom. In the old template, these were simply images written directly into the markup the old fashioned way. <a href="blah"><img></a> The new template makes use of CSS buttons, where the
  15. Glom

    php interim solutions

    Intriguing. Is there a similar function that returns just the file rather than its location within the web server as well?
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