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  1. A1: Depends on what you define as "use". If you look at the source of this very page, it says it uses XHTML Transitional. That's true, and yet it's not... it's a long story, but in short - if you look at a page, and at the top thee's the so called "DOCTYPE", then the page should be or could be using XHTML.... errr... assume it does.
    Ok, thanks.
    A2: Exactly what Synook said. When you write "<br />" in an HTML file, you're using the XHTML "br" element. When you write "<br />", the "<" part appears as "<" on screen, and since it isn't a real "<", there's no real "br" element. And if you want to write "&", you have to write it out as "&".
    So in an html page, can you show me the <b> tag without it's effect?And if so, how is it done?
    A3: Keeping images unselectable is one thing. Keeping them undownloadable is a whole other (impossible to do) thing. You can make them unselectable by using the CSS background-color property on any element. Background images are not selectable. If you haven't already, read the CSS tutorial.
    I knew that it has to be done by css, but I dont know css, can you link me the tutorial for this particular thing please?
  2. A1: Wherever people have decided to use it. Err?
    Is there any web built with xhtml?(such a silly question!!)
    A2: You encode the special characters - < to <, etc.
    Sorry I didnt understand, I meant that in forums you use the code code to represent any code in its original form(without its effects), whats the code for html?
    A3: It is impossible to completely protect your images from being downloaded. At worst, people could simply go directly to the file's location (after e.g. using 'view source'). The only way to really protect an image is to watermark it or use metadata (which isn't foolproof anyway).
    You are completely right.But still.Actually I am setting up a html page in which I want to keep my navbar's images and page containers unselectable.Can you tell me the html for it?And how to watermark and metadata?!
  3. 1st: Please disable that admin's approval.Some people are desperately waiting for the answers to their questions like me!And we have to wait for a long time.2nd: All those certificate in w3schools are paid.I know its because they give you a real certificate but you can also keep an online free exam system in which you get an imaginary certificate i.e image certificate.And you could sign on it.And then we could just get it by anyway.Please discuss about it!You can even settle up exams hall online in this forum?

  4. Full name: (Not disclosing)Birth date(dd/mm/yyyy): 26.11.(not disclosing)Gender: MaleZodiacal sign: SagittariusCountry of residance: Somewhere in AsiaCity of residance: Somewhere in Asia!Eyes: Black, my favHair: Black!Smoking/Drinking/Drugs: No no no.NeverInterest: Studing, learning, meeting, playing, discovering!Additional comments:I am here to learn different langs. and to seek coder's support.

  5. East or west, Firefox is the best!I used almost many browsers like IE, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome, Netscape(didnt work even!), Avast(Couldnt open any website in it) and at the last, firefox.I really admired Mozilla's work.There isnt any bug, you could install many rocking add-ons.Safe and private browsing.Cool speed.Many options.Great bookmark system.And its size is really too small.Every browser's team indeed says that "Our browser is best.You would experience Fun and with no fuss etc.".But see the overall features of the browser.And I saw, and I started surfing with firefox.

  6. Q1: Where is xhtml used?Do I need to learn it?Q2: If I want to show someone that how I formatted a text, how would I show it?Which code will be used?Like if I want to show the bold code, how will I post the codes, because if we simply write the code, it will show its result.Q3: If I created a wonderful image from photoshop etc. and I want to show it to the whole world! And If I post it somewhere(not only forums but html pages too), anyone would be able to steal that image.And I like it to be unselectable and unsavable(if its the correct spelling!).If anyone right-clicks on it.There wont be the option of save image. I know these are too easy questions.And I could google them.But I am learning every language from w3schools and I would like you experties to help me.Thanks,MusgrotPlease reply :)

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