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  1. Nice!I added a counter to my site today. It's embarrasing. I don't intend to keep it that way! I'm buying a domain writing a google sitemap adding more useful interesting info and linking to it in every possible place. Like right here http://sax.atspace.com/ Does anyone else have any ideas?
  2. Site name: Sax homeSite description: A site about saxophones.Site owner/developer and designer:MyselfSite address: http://sax.atspace.com/Note: The pictures pages will probably take more then ten seconds to load on dial up so go there if you want I just want you to be informed.
  3. The officail opera9 is out at http://www.opera.com/ yay!
  4. LOL. I don't really want to make my own browser. I like opera to much!
  5. look at the bottom left of the notepad2 interface line and colon is written there and I think u can make the line numbers appear in settings
  6. Oh I know what it's like to be stuck in your ways although my last setup wasn't bad. Firefox with about a dozen extensions for web developing and pspad. I can't imagine coding with ie and notepad
  7. The deco skin is really good! we should start an opera9 beta discussion but it isn't allowed.
  8. I recommended notepad2 to you didn't I? your like using everyk program I mention but thats ok Cheers!
  9. Well I'm putting firefox away and using it. At least untill I need the firefox functionality
  10. the faster fox extension is good for firefox. You can just use a stopwatch though (not a program a solid phisical stopwatch)
  11. I don't know the url but in opera 9 go to appperances hit skins then theres a radio button by default set to see install skins change it to get new skins. The skins don't slow down opera and they install the second you download. No restart needed.
  12. I took a while. I ajusted the preferences to my liking and I downloaded a theme that looks so good I won't ever go back.
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