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  1. http://xthost.info/ is also good no restrictions lots of storage
  2. Nice!I added a counter to my site today. It's embarrasing. I don't intend to keep it that way! I'm buying a domain writing a google sitemap adding more useful interesting info and linking to it in every possible place. Like right here http://sax.atspace.com/ Does anyone else have any ideas?
  3. Site name: Sax homeSite description: A site about saxophones.Site owner/developer and designer:MyselfSite address: http://sax.atspace.com/Note: The pictures pages will probably take more then ten seconds to load on dial up so go there if you want I just want you to be informed.
  4. NO I have seen rounded corners with b tags it works great.
  5. Yes it was really nice of them knowing all the things he does around here. And at w3schools.
  6. I did the CSS once and it worked in all but opera which had a very bad support for xml at the time it should work great now though.
  7. You want us to do this? For free? We aren't slaves!
  8. here is the example http://www.w3schools.com/js/tryit.asp?filename=tryjs_browser
  9. People that don't know much of the web don't want your source anyway If you want to copywright the content then file one with the country you live in you won't stop people that feel like seeing your code from seeing your code and the people that don't want your code will be very miffed about the disabling of right click. There is no way to do what you are thinking of if it is online.
  10. Yes you can stop people from taking your pages, it is very simple. Don't put them online. there are infanite ways to get the pages you will never prevctent it. I have seen many scripts that do that kind of thing. They are all client side. The client can disable them by in ie clicking twice in opera pressing F12 in firefox you can set it to any shortcut. I won't even tell you about anominous FTP.
  11. snowboard01

    Audio Ads

    I found an easy way to let w3schools get there advert money and not be annoyed. I disable animation with my new lightning quick state of the the art opera browser!
  12. You have to make all tags lower case now. and attributes to.
  13. I found chain letters saying if you send this to only one person you will meat the girl of your dreams at a party tommorrow. I sent it to mky other email address and I havn'e met her yet!
  14. The officail opera9 is out at http://www.opera.com/ yay!
  15. LOL. I don't really want to make my own browser. I like opera to much!
  16. No offence but the gmail logo is designed by a professional using pro tools like adobe and even more complicated software and is probably an artist. I thing making an image like the gmail logo might be a little difficult
  17. look at the bottom left of the notepad2 interface line and colon is written there and I think u can make the line numbers appear in settings
  18. Oh I know what it's like to be stuck in your ways although my last setup wasn't bad. Firefox with about a dozen extensions for web developing and pspad. I can't imagine coding with ie and notepad
  19. The deco skin is really good! we should start an opera9 beta discussion but it isn't allowed.
  20. I recommended notepad2 to you didn't I? your like using everyk program I mention but thats ok Cheers!
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