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  1. People that don't know much of the web don't want your source anyway :) If you want to copywright the content then file one with the country you live in you won't stop people that feel like seeing your code from seeing your code and the people that don't want your code will be very miffed about the disabling of right click. There is no way to do what you are thinking of if it is online.

  2. Yes you can stop people from taking your pages, it is very simple. Don't put them online. there are infanite ways to get the pages you will never prevctent it. I have seen many scripts that do that kind of thing. They are all client side. The client can disable them by in ie clicking twice in opera pressing F12 in firefox you can set it to any shortcut. I won't even tell you about anominous FTP.

  3. Ack maybe i was just stuck in my ways for too long, using IE and notepad that is. But you have shown me the light and there's no going back.
    Oh I know what it's like to be stuck in your ways although my last setup wasn't bad. Firefox with about a dozen extensions for web developing and pspad. I can't imagine coding with ie and notepad :)
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