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  1. If you have firefox FireFTP If you dont Filezilla is great SmartFtP is also quite good and the ftp client in php designer is outstandingly convienient so experiment!
  2. to use ie6 you have to uninatall ie7 by going to add remove programs right click ie and go to versions and select ie6 or somthing its all at the microsoft page where you get it.
  3. I'm not using vim and i'm glad of it!
  4. Read the tutorials again slowly. Go back read them try the code and then come back.
  5. I'll tell you before the mods you can't change that becease kaijim is the only one that can and he won't. Thats cool that you can self close any tag or make it 2 tag. For people reading this and saying whats the point of self closing a div? Ever coded rounded corners? This will save a fair bit of code thank you justsomeguy!
  6. You know as well as I do if the good browsers stop supporting depracted stuff almost no page will diplay right in them and every single person will pull out ie again. I don't think they r going anywhere at least not in firefox.
  7. Tidy is a program that runs on your computer and it sounds like it cares about bandwidth!
  8. Does this <object /> or <object></object> apply to all elements?
  9. Ok thanks I just wanted to know. In what case should I use the object tag?
  10. Hi this is a nooby question. Well I'm a nooby person. So here it is. What is the better tag to use to show an image on a webpage?object: <object type="image/gif" data="http://mysite.myhost/myimage.gif" width="50px" height="50px"></object> Or img <img src="mysite.myhost/myimage.gif" /> Is one better supported? Should I use image because it is designed for images? should I use object because the w3c may eliminate the img tag in favor of object? I an very confused. Please help me.Thank you.
  11. use the adblock extension for firefox if adds mesmerize you
  12. please use the codebox tag to make those codes scrollable
  13. check out Notepad2 Its notepad with syntax highlighting! Has features like optional word wrap but it is still that notpad interface with only a few menus and buttons. If you like the notepad feel and syntax highlighting this is the bestEdit: I just realized there is an optional tag closer! I wil never code in anything else again!
  14. A month on an image!Ok when I make an image I decide should I take the time to have a noce limage or rush it and have a lously one. usually I take the time, not a month though!
  15. Ok but not even the mods can move it so why bring this up PM kaijim maybe.
  16. Oh annd height is depracated toheres the code someelement{width: whatever;height:whatever;/*there you go*/}/*or use ids*/#someelement{width: whatever;height:whatever;/*there you go*/}
  17. width=depracated use css
  18. Its easy <iframe scrolling="no">error message here</iframe> Simple isn't it? it validates under transitional and frameset!
  19. People believe in the future all web services will be powered by xml. That may be why. I just read that in the xml tutorials intro
  20. IN XHTML 1.0 strict style the attribute is depracated. As are isindex menu xmp
  21. There is an error in this code:<link href="(the name of your stylesheet).css" type="text/css" ref="stylesheet" />without the slash some browsers will mess up and the code won't validate!
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    Your welcome I'm glad I can help
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