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  1. I have been doing my php tests but I also have slipped in some JS. one of my problems now is that I don't know any way to get ALL contents of a file object, including the directory.i.e. if I have file object id "file" with value "C:/somefile.txt", using document.getElementById("file").value returns only "somefile.txt" instead of "C:/somefile.txt".Any help on this? :)

  2. :) What i say now is that you need a thing that piles up the posts which include links, show them to moderators and then have fast hoverup for spam :)But as Skemcin said we need a solution to prevent spam and I have no idea for that :)btw what is that warn i have in my "panel" ?
  3. well if you have for example a test.html in frames directory, you can get it by

    <iframe src="frames/test.html"></iframe>

    test.html is now located in parent directory, so

    <iframe src="../test.html"></iframe>

    so what goes for img and other path "commands", they work in iframes as well :)

  4. Say I've got a library PHP file at a folder and I've got an index.php in a folder that is the subfolder of the folder with the library in it. Now I want to use include() to get the library file into the index.php file without being jumped to the main root folder. Is this possible and how do I do it?

  5. Also, I'm wondering how you would get the curser to change into a finger (like when over a hyper-link),BUT, only when it's over one of the linked image-maps. I know you have to use styles, but how would you get it to only affect a certain part?
    <area shape="rect" coords="0,0,100,100" alt="Other Page" onclick="gotoPage('My Other Page.htm')" onmouseover="window.status='Click here to go to my other page'" style="cursor:link">

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