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  1. Hmmmm, what would the statistics say when Vista is released
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flame_war
  3. OK, sorry for my Bad English but could this thread start being IE discussion again?
  4. Wov, ColdFusion forum.I have downloaded the trial but I can't get it working (as usual) so I just go on with PHP
  5. You know, somehow when I visited holmedwa's page, I saw my scrollbar colours change (strange)Well, I though this would be IE discussion? I don't like too much threads going off topic...Also I might fix the option "testing my site" (if I am able to)
  6. Try: #center{display:block;text-align:center;}
  7. You need to do a foreach loop
  8. Yeah The poll question isDo you use IE and if you use then how?instead ofWhat is your favorite browser?
  9. OK, now with FireFox and Opera here in the spotlights, I ask you, what are you using IE for?I don't actually use it, I just see what my webpage looks like in IE
  10. Gosh I have been using a lot of editors First I was a Notepad user, then I switched to Notepad2, then I switched to Notepad++ what then was spoiling my NSIS scripts somehow and now I use Crimson Editor which seems to be the best so far, there are ranges and delimeters in syntax highlighting so it's easy to make great syntax highlighting extensions. I made RSS and SVG (but they aren't ready ).BTW any Crimson Editor user? How do you configure the auto syntax highlighting detector? For example I have the SVG syntax highlighting and I want to do the auto detect switch the syntax highlighting to SVG when a SVG file loads?
  11. Check the RSS tutorialhttp://www.w3schools.com/rss
  12. http://www.w3.org/2000/08/w3c-synd/home.rss is the W3C RSS URL
  13. I have now downloaded the trial version of flash 8, and I had been through the video tuts...now I would like to know how to do a curve in flash
  14. Yep.And I also changed all str_replaces to str_ireplaces that they would be case-insensitive (thanks justsomeguy). But that line break code you don't need to, the line break is always \n, never \N.
  15. \n into <br />? $post = str_ireplace("\n", "<br />", $post); That changes every line break into <br />, that works if you have a text area. You can't even write \n in the text box to make a <br />, it is automatically converted to PHP format. :)Oh and this is the exact code for bold I have at my forum engine now: $post = str_ireplace("[B]", "<b>", $post);$post = str_ireplace("[/B]", "</b>", $post); You can variate that code to italics, underline (use <span style="text-decoration: underline> if XHTML Strict), strikethrough, even fonts and colors like I did! My technique to fonts and colors was to have a common.lib.php file and there write in an array all the fonts that I would like. Then I just used foreach() for the bold code. Same for colors.
  16. Was there that kind of function? I never saw that.
  17. And for Opera too.BTW you forgot the type attribute, here is xhtml for it<link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/x-icon" href="favicon.ico">
  18. Umm, I checked the site but didn't find the logging page...But I managed to find one bug for you... in Opera, you could see that email address by putting the cursor on top of the link... you should encrypt it (by Javascript or PHP). Also, maybe include a dtd.<offtopic>BTW thanks for showing up for Crimson Editor (Notepad++ wasn't working correctly), enabled me to continue my work because my scripts weren't working...</offtopic>
  19. NSIS/PHPIn NSIS, I like discovering new features (making installers, I test the functions to a notepad installer), MUI (which I just got working) and most of all, it's syntax is nice...instruction param param2 param3in nsis, macros also rock! Also a new version was released in july.In PHP, especially it's functions. MySQL support, etc etc. Yes, if PHP would standalone desktop application, my computer would be full of them! Assuming the complier is free of courde .Oh and XML:SVG too. I like making vector graphics.I actually once tried the Flash demo, and luckily I added one graphic to it! SVG is nicer (writeable!).
  20. Yes, simply it means that the character encoding was not found.
  21. I made my own forum engine once, pure PHP + MySQL... It's very simply though . You could just post posts and threads and read them. You could login and register. Posts had simple formatting (bold, italic, underline, strikethough, font alter, color alter, header, hr [actually, a table with ::: text in th] and smilies [i borrowed these here]). Also you could change your password. Now I'm adding a search engine to it (won't be hard). Also I never distributed it, it was private.My technique to change BBcode-like code (like , , [Tahoma], [Purple]) to HTML was the str_replace() function... like this was the code to change to <b>. $post = str_replace("[B]", "<b>", $post);$post = str_replace("[/B]", "</b>", $post); Note it was also case-sensitive! :)You wouldn't even edit your posts... that's under work too.
  22. Is there a simple way to rename a table? Something like: RENAME TABLE COMMENT TO COMMENTS or something like that?
  23. No. VBScript has same functions as JavaScript does because of HTML DOM (both support them but JavaScript more strongly).VBScript has far more different syntax, if you want to take PHP instead of ASP, JavaScript syntax will be used.Also VBScript is the default scripting language in ASP but I don't think it's essential now.I also edited my post, there is a link to advanced scripts, for example a calendar (what I put on my desktop ).
  24. Well, JavaScript is definatly worth learning: Also I think you should learn Javascript before PHP for example. I learned my Web skills in this orderHTMLCSSXHTMLVBSCRIPTJAVASCRIPTPHPSQL (learning now)BTW, if you are looking for ADVANCED examples, go to Javascript.internet.com
  25. 3. If you are not able to use echo, try print();12. Generally they both mean the same, but via syntax, // --> is more secure because if the script sees --> it thinks it is as a bunch of operators, // --> puts it into a comment. But you may use either one.
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