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  1. Well Scott - you are surely no donkey !!Thanks so much - much appreciated
  2. Preferably in ASP using HTML, I am trying to create a page which will provide a series of headings, which when clicked expand and show a series of options with Entry boxes along side (the resultant form will be "posted")Any ideas how to achieve this pleaseexampleHEADING1HEADING2HEADING3HEADING4HEADING5When HEADING2 is Clicked ShowHEADING 1HEADING2subheading1 [textBox]subheading2 [textBox]subheading3 [textBox]subheading4 [textBox]subheading5 [textBox]subheading6 [textBox]subheading7 [textBox]HEADING3HEADING4HEADING5if I then click on HEADING2 then it will showHEADING1HEADING2HEADING3HEADING4HEADING5ie, the expanded section is un-expanded Sorry if this is very basic - I am just a learner
  3. Thanks a million - I knew it could be done !I really appreciate your help Boen - cheers!Thanks to all other replies also
  4. Thats it - it was an ASP tutorialHow can I run this ASP script from my local machine ?(I call it .htm because it looked like html to me)Should it be called something like .aspie, how can I test that the tutorial actually works ?Thanks for the answer
  5. I have followed a tutorial example 1) I opened up NOTEPAD.exe2) I pasted the following code into the notepad document3) I saved it as Hello.htmTHIS IS THE CODE WHICH DISPLAYS NOTHING<html><body><%response.write("Hello World!")%></body></html>When I execute the open command I get NOTHING on the screenIs this code incorrect (it came from the tutorial web site)Why is this so difficult ???
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