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  1. Well its all a matter of a few milliseconds. The way you have above is fine and its the better way rather than static HTML.Really no person will be able to tell the difference unless the document is large and takes a few secs to generate. Then the better one, imo, is the above one.
  2. I currently work in a graphic/web/marketing firm doing database and web design. What I know is HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and database technologies like MySQL and Filemaker.Any more questions (as said by Skemcin) just post a reply
  3. It should be unlimited. I dont know of any hosting that does restrict the outgoing mail.
  4. Trance music for WIN!

  5. Georgia One of the many Web 2.0 fonts. I use it a lot and so do other websites. Also the best thing is its on both PC and Mac
  6. Thats good to hear Lol don't we all :)Funny thing is I dont have enough time to make myself a website I am too tied up in school and at work...soon tho I will make my own site for Xenon Design Australia :blink:Also just for some rummaging....if you want to see some of my work I have done (mostly designs in PS for my own website), heres a list...a short one :http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r76/Xen...e_28Dec2006.pnghttp://www.x10hosting.com/forums/attachmen...mp;d=1167549591http://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r76/Xen...t_27Jan2007.jpghttp://i141.photobucket.com/albums/r76/Xen...gn/concept2.
  7. I'm back to W3schools now after well...forgetting about it.Now I have changed to PHP and I am moving with the AJAX crowd as well. I'll be a regular around here from now on helping in the PHP, AJAX and SQL sections.My code lang. knowledge now extends to: HTML, CSS, ASP PHP, XML, Flash ActionScript, Javascript, AJAX, SQLAnd I now design websites using the latest Web 2.0-ness and NO TABLES, 100% DIV tags :)I also now have a job as a website and database dev-y on the weekends for a graphic design firm.Ill catch ya round,Alex
  8. Xenon Design


    If you have XP and you logon under your user it will show you that username. It has nothing to do with user session variables.
  9. Could you post your code you use to INSERT the data to the DB.
  10. Youll have to use a server side code. Either ASP or PHP will do the trick. Which one you choose is up to you. Both of those coding languages have their advantages and disadvantages.
  11. And make sure the action in the form tag is set to 'Post'
  12. Xenon Design

    calling via voiP

    I dont think its possible to do it from a website. Youll have to mabye do it in VB or C++
  13. Xenon Design


    It wont happen. The include file wont execute by having it on the 'onClick' funcYou may have to rethink a way of doing this
  14. Hey,So I can get started helping...how experienced in ASP are you? To do something like a Firenster code you should know the basics.
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