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  1. Well its all a matter of a few milliseconds. The way you have above is fine and its the better way rather than static HTML.Really no person will be able to tell the difference unless the document is large and takes a few secs to generate. Then the better one, imo, is the above one.
  2. I currently work in a graphic/web/marketing firm doing database and web design. What I know is HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL and database technologies like MySQL and Filemaker.Any more questions (as said by Skemcin) just post a reply
  3. It should be unlimited. I dont know of any hosting that does restrict the outgoing mail.
  4. Hey all.Ive made a blog and started blogging about Web 2.0 and thought's iv'e had about its working and why its so successful.This is part 1 of many and I will add articles when I can.Heres Part 1-> http://ecky.wordpress.com/2007/04/14/succe...he-user-aspect/Enjoy and leave a comment if you wish
  5. Your doing it a slightly longer and harder way that its usually done. Heres what a basic, typical login will look like. I will model the below on your above code. $con = mysql_connect("localhost","******","******");mysql_select_db("******", $con);$name = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['name']);$pass = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['pass']);$search = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE `name` = '".$name."' AND `pass` = '".$pass."'");$num_row = mysql_num_rows($search);if ($num_row >0){ $_SESSION['logged'] = 1;}else{ $_SESSION['logged'] = 0;} If there is a record then there will be bigger than 0 records! Also I put in some security for ya, the mysql_real_escape_string stops SQL injections.
  6. My first question is, is the variable you use in the euqation a number or string? If its a string then use intval(): $variable = "1990";$equation = intval($variable)+1;print $equation;//Will print 1991 Also whats the + in front of $_GET['target_lvl'] ?
  7. Im not quite sure what you mean. Could you post some code or a more detailed explination?
  8. You have put in a physical line break here: echo "<tr>\n<td width='120' valign='top'><b class='tname'><a href='http://hiscore.runescape.com/lang/en/aff/runescape/hiscorepersonal.ws?user1=$name'>$name</a></b></td>\n<td width='50' valign='top'> " /*echo ended here */ PHP doesnt like em. So just use <br> tags or /n but not actual line breaks. The result should look like this: echo "<tr><td width='120' valign='top'><b class='tname'><a href='http://hiscore.runescape.com/lang/en/aff/runescape/hiscorepersonal.ws?user1=$name'>$name</a></b></td><td width='50' valign='top'> " /*echo ended here */ You should not need ine breaks in the table tag anyway unless you want a space. If so just pop in some <br/> tags.
  9. These are my honest opinions and only constructive crit.Problem 1: Start/Enter screen, why? We want to visit a website and having to click another link is painful. Research says that people will likely to click on 3 links on your site and that counts as 1.Problem 2: No structure, the site has really no design structure at all. It needs to have a skeleton redesign of the site (layout of objects). IMO the nav should be on the leftProblem 3: Lack of images, its not very nice on the eye...nothing to look at and 'wow' about...but then again Vista is using the same approach (sorry but I had to make a cheap shot at Vista )So heres some solutions:Solution 1: Ditch the enter page :)Solution 2: Make a design skeleton/map for the site. This should include where the nav, logo and content are going to be placed. The usual style is a logo up top, nav to the left and content filling the right.Solution 3: Your probably more of a developer (as said above) than a designer. I had the same problem. You can go to sites like www.cssremix.com and www.webcreme.com and get some inspiration. Also pick a colour scheme from www.colorschemer.com that matches the site. Blues popular atm but maybe you want to mix it up a bit with some diff. colours.Also the cross hair cursor, its not bad but its annoying for a person who wants to view the site.With time and practice you'll get better
  10. Thanks for the new sites...I will add them in when I get home tonight.
  11. What youll need to do is FTP upload the files to the server. Then for the database you'll have to transfer the data over.I cant elaborate atm because im at school. But im sure someone else can.
  12. The outer glow around the header seems strong. Also, im not sure if you can, its just a bit too plain. It needs something to liven it up.
  13. Awesome thanks peoples If you have a site that I dont have listed for the search PM it to me.
  14. I did have it black but it didnt look to well. White is just fine
  15. Well ill make 1 that mashes em all up then And you can just choose a label to search for specifics...you do know about the lables? If not, check at the top of the results below the ads
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