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  1. Simple question really and probably a simple answer but i'm a bit rusty when it comes to flash.I have a button that I want, when hovered over, to increase the count continuously of a variable. at the moment i'm using on(rollOver){ ++_root.avariable;} This works but only counts once when hovered over and not continoiously, i want it to count continuiosly when hovered over to determine how long it has been hovered over for.Hope that made sense
  2. Never mind was being an idiot and just found the obvious answer
  3. Is it possible to check if a cookie exists using javascript as after searching around I have been unable to find something that works
  4. ahh htmlentities() works! thanks alot :)htmlspecialchars() should work though as £ is a UTF-8 character isn't it??
  5. Whenever I the try and do this to pound sign: htmlspecialchars('£'); //something along these lines I get returned an unknown character followed by the pound sign insted of £ , though other characters have no trouble and im now all out of ideas if anyone knows why or can help the please do! and hopes this makes some sense
  6. wow it does work :) sets the same background in cell 1 if you set no background in cell 1 but have a background in cell 2 but can woork round that :)thanks alot!
  7. Is there anyway to use both px and % but still cover 100% of the page?i have a div container (with 90% width) and within that i want to have another div of say 150px and then next to it another div that covers the rest of the width. Would be willing to use javascript or php as i don't hink there is a way to do it otherwise, but willing to be proven wrong!
  8. useful renderer for checking in ie6 (and 5.5 if you want ) and no download needed http://ipinfo.info/netrenderer/
  9. When designing a website i've always preferd to use tables as (in my opinion) they are easier to create and manage but it seems most sites now prefer to use divs insted. Am i being a div in using tables or should i switch to div's?
  10. Thanks that works great :)Found it on google and changed it around a bit so a lot of brackets . I i did try to found out what the 'e' was but couldn't find anything, but it doesn't work witouht it.Thanks again
  11. Im not good with regex and want to replace "{beginsubtitle}Example Subtitle{endsubtitle}" with "Example Subtitle". I found this useful code somewhere but it doesnt work if the i use 2 consecutive "{beginsubtitle}Example Subtitle{endsubtitle}"'s (e.g. "{beginsubtitle}Example Subtitle 1{endsubtitle} {beginsubtitle}Example Subtitle 2{endsubtitle}") <?php$regex = "#([{]beginsubtitle[}])(.*)([{]endsubtitle[}])#e";$output = preg_replace($regex,"('$2')",$output);?> If anyone can help it would be much apriciated!
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