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  1. Script works in MSIE but not FireFox (part of a VB.NET 2005 web site)There must be a place in FireFox or a JavaScript settings somewhere that allows errors to continue.The below works in MSIEvar _rate = "ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$txtrate"+index;var rate = document.getElementById(_rate).value;index = 1 to 10 for each row on the page. In this case it is 1 (the first).But it the FireFox java errors it gets a null and terminates.Why is it getting a null. It works fine on MSIE._______________________________________________“Great works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.” “Marriage
  2. Hi all,Until recently I have used plain text editors to code, but lately I have found that IDEs can be a welcome aid.I don't really need anything super fancy like a full-scale IDE, just syntax highlighting and something that keeps track of indentation so that when I move to a new line I don't need to tab out to the correct indentation.I have used notepad++ on Windows and I really like it, but most of my coding is done in a Linux environment and AFAIK there is no Linux version. Something similar to notepad++ would be awesome. I am looking into an editor called SciTE that is apparently the basis
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