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  1. In a php page I want to set up links to files, with file extensions ".txt",".pdf" and ".xls". The files is located on the companys server. I am developing this PHP page on a PC with WAMP installed. My attempts to do this failed: echo "<BR><a href=\"http://localhost/W://Market/list.txt\">List.txt</a>"; echo "<BR><a href='file:///W:/Market/list.txt'>List.txt</a>";Do you have a suggestion to make such links work?
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    Best Strategy?

    The multiuser web system shall have capability to upload very lage files from users pc. The data shall be placed in one table containing many columns. There are no pictures among the data, only numbers, dates and text. Since the files is located on users pc and PHP is only works on servers, I suppose PHP is not suitable for reading these files. Would you user Java script? Or how would you solve this?
  3. Atempt to make a PHP program which grenerate mail result in this error message:Warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\Programfils\wamp\mycompany\A-mail.php on line 72In php.ini this is written[mail function]; For Win32 only.;SMTP = localhostSMTP = smtp.mycompany.no; For Win32 only.sendmail_from = me@mycompany.noI do not find where to set port no. I use WAMP software and Microsoft Outlook. In account information in Outlook there is written: Microsoft Exchange Server and account for this item: mycompany-mail.mycompany.localChanging SMTP = smtp.mycompany.no to SMTP = mycompany-mail.mycompany.local do not work.Can anybody help me with this problem?Regards Cit.
  4. A PHP-page have forms and works as an interface to a mysql database. Some fields need values from an other page where the user can search for correct information. Since there are several thousand possible legal values for these fields, drop drown boxes do not seem suitable for the purpose. Therefore a new page with search function is needed. "Onclick=..." or "action=..." in the form seems suitable to call for the seach page. The challenge occur when selected information in the seach page shall be returned and received. In this context only one numeric value have to be return from the seach page. The return values can of cause be contained in global variables. Suppose some new information shall be inserted into the database, and that the form in the start page already has some filled fields. Receiving new values in a field give the challenge I do not know how to solve. If I write $field=$_REQUEST['foundvalue'];the start page is still not submitted, and the value do no seem to be received. In other cases this start page already cointain information from the database and do only in some cases need to be changed with other values from the search page. Perhaps this should be in an other way? Can anybody help me? Thanks.CitP.S. Please excuse my bad language, I'm not english.
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