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  1. i want to an asp code of fly-to-basket code sample. it is using php. i dont know php. if u know changing code to asp i am glad to u very much.Thanks for patience.code: http://www.webresourcesdepot.com/fly-to-ba...ct-with-jquery/demo: http://webresourcesdepot.com/wp-content/up.../fly-to-basket/
  2. i am using mysqli know connecting to mysqlhow can i get values of input text and add to dbi also want to add date,weekday name and all inputs.how can i add these values.please show me an example one month table
  3. <%dim date1, idate1 = "01.12.2009"Function getDaysInMonth(intMonth,intYear) strDate = intYear & "-" & intMonth & "-" & 1 numDays = -1 ' indicates error If IsDate(strDate) Then dDate = CDate(strDate) nextMonth = DateAdd("M",1,dDate) numDays = Day(DateAdd("D",-1,nextMonth)) End If getDaysInMonth = numDaysEnd FunctionFunction getBgcolor(weeks) Select Case (weeks) Case 2, 4, 6 : bgcolor = "#bbbbbb" Case 3, 5 : bgcolor = "#dddddd" Case 7 : bgcolor = "#f00000" Case 1 : bgcolor = "#990000" End Select getBgcolor = bgcolorEnd FunctionFunction getColor(weeks) Select Case (weeks
  4. i do not know how can i open for example 31 days record for a month on db. please show me an example
  5. i do password protected login system and person table. but i cannot do schedule table. i want to choose person from person table and choose start and end date from select box then open a schedule page.that schedule page must be data grid. like an example before i send, i will be see and edit all records in one page.please help me on data grid page and db structure
  6. i do not have code and db. i dont know how it can be done?my asp experience is not good but fine. my example like a data grid. i find an example http://www.xpandtools.com/DataGrid.asp here.please help me on code and db structure
  7. i want to write an asp code like excel formi only choose person and month then a page openthat page has a month for example december01.12.2009 to 31.12.2009 and date days ie: monday, tuesday .... sundayi want only one page and i put the input text and i fill the form then i save it and add to db.please help me..my template is like following...dates days work1 work2 work3 notes-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------01.12.2009 tuesday breakfast customer meeting driv
  8. i choose my problem like thisfunction updateProduct(operation, basket_item_id, counter){ var session_id = <% = Session_id %>; var quantityz = document.getElementById('product_count_' + counter); var quantity = quantityz.value; var width = 300; var height = 150; var y =(screen.availHeight-height)/2; var x =(screen.availWidth-width)/2; window.basketWin = location.href='basket.asp?OPERATION=update&session_id='+session_id+'&basket_item_id='+basket_item_id+'&quantity='+quantity,'basket'; window.basketWin.focus(); }
  9. This is not a part of a form.i dont know using document.getElementById property. how can i change my updateProduct function.in my code <tr> to </tr> ; there is a loop for each product , quantity and price.i want to update quantity then after updating quantity, it gets total priceplease help me using function
  10. this code with red color does not work on firefox. it works on ie and google chromewhat is the problem please help me...<tr><input type="hidden" name="product_id_<% = counter %>" id="product_id_<% = counter %>" value="<% = rs("product_id") %>"> <td class="a-center" width="20"><a class="a-center" href="?OPERATION=delete&basket_item_id=<%=rs("basket_item_id")%>" title="<%=removes%>"><img src="http://forum.ceviz.net/images/delete.gif" alt="<%=removes%>" /></a></td> <td><a href="product.asp?product_id=
  11. alias92

    Checkbox Problem

    thank u very much it worksi used counter and get values if null then write 0. then <%If instr(1, dates, start_date)<> 0 Then%> checked <%End If%>
  12. alias92

    Checkbox Problem

    please give me an example for your suggest
  13. alias92

    Checkbox Problem

    i have a problem on checkboxes.<% counter3 = 0 dim gunler, guns, gun() gunler=split(dates,",") Redim gun(40) For each guns in gunler 'response.write "<br>gun(" & counter3 & ")=" & guns counter3 =counter3 + 1 Next counter2 = 0
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