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  1. Python is far more amazing than PHP, if you ask me. ;-) Extending and embedding... the Python interpreter code is rather neat and clean. As well as all the other stuff you can do with Python in very readable code.Call me crazy, but I find Pascal eminently readable and I'd like to see a new Pascal that can do app and web dev stuff. Okay, I probably am nuts...
  2. I think there should be a Perl tutorial for the simple reason that professional web developers at some time or another are probably going to have to maintain (well, at least try to) someone else's messy Perl CGI scripts.I'm not quite sure Perl is a dead language on its way out. Perhaps for web development, but a lot of old timers still use it because you can hack together stuff with it pretty quickly. Oddly enough I think that's the reason they use Perl, even for apps that have nothing to do with the web - sure, it wasn't developed for CGI programming, I know that.You can get lots done in a sm
  3. Hi everyone,Been a web developer before, way back when HTML 3.2 was considered a good thing and the browser wars were going on. I was a teenager then, just got my first job.Eventually I specialised out of that area and went on from HTML, JavaScript and ASP to programming and then to networking stuff. That was back when there were good jobs going around and it was pretty easy to get one if you could do the stuff, no degree required.Anyway, forgotten a lot and learnt a lot at the same time over the years, I'm pushing 30 now, studying at college and I'm planning on doing the w3schools.com Certifi
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