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  1. I read through the forum rules and I did not see anything against posting in search of a coder, so if it is against the forum rules I am sorry! I am looking to make a flash video player with overlay ads. The trouble I am having is that the end user needs to be able to control which video is played, multiple text ads with (cue in point, duration, text to be shown, link to go to, and target property IE. _blank or _self ). This would be used in a content management system. I was thinking about using flash vars to send flash a var name referencing a node in an xml sheet with all the related data
  2. I am looking for a cms that can support multiple sites, rather I would like to just be able to have a library of cms files that all(or most) of the sites that I build could draw from. I would like all my customers to be able to use a cms without adding 1000 plus files per-site. I would like something that is oop for extensibility. Does anyone know of a good cms that would fit this criteria? Otherwise what would you consider to be the best oop php framework to use for such a task. I know the modx crew thinks of modx as a framework rather then a cms. This seams like it could be a good start beca
  3. Hello everyone. My name is Greg Zimdahl. I own a small web development business called Milwaukee Productions. I am a Christian, I was born again when the Lord showed me that he was real. I asked God, before I went to bed one night, if he was real and wanted something different for my life. This was after becoming depressed due to drinking and drugs. The next day I man came up to me and said... (and I quote because this still amazes me!) "I don't understand this but the Lord is telling me to give this to you" he then handed me his bible. God has shown himself to be alive, true, powerful, and ca
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