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  1. I read through the forum rules and I did not see anything against posting in search of a coder, so if it is against the forum rules I am sorry! I am looking to make a flash video player with overlay ads. The trouble I am having is that the end user needs to be able to control which video is played, multiple text ads with (cue in point, duration, text to be shown, link to go to, and target property IE. _blank or _self ). This would be used in a content management system. I was thinking about using flash vars to send flash a var name referencing a node in an xml sheet with all the related data. I think I have come up with the most user intuitive way to write the xml(xml included below). The only thing possibly needing explanation is in the main node I have a path property that would reference the video directory on the server. Each video node has a name property, this would be the value of the flash var (at least I was thinking that should work out). The text ads would not be a lower third or firth but rather a small box on the lower right hand of the video. The main problem I am having is that I need the end user to be able to adjust a little bit of code to include in the page he wants the video in. I figure the only thing he should have to change is the flash var and then update the xml sheet. Rather then the user changing the flash var, it might be easier for the user to include a little php block, which could in-turn adjust the flash var value.I do have more information and would like to talk via paltalk, skype, or aim video chat...If some one feel confident they can complete this project please send me a reply either here or through our website Our contact page <videos path-to-video-folder="../videos/"> <video name="First Video"> <video url="firstvideo.flv" use-path="yes" /> <ads> <ad> <cue="00:00:30" /> <durration="00:00:10" /> <target="_blank" /> <link="http://www.aj.com" /> <ad-text="Click to learn more about the product" /> </ad> <ad> <cue="00:01:10" /> <durration="00:00:15" /> <target="_blank" /> <link="http://www.video.google.com" /> <ad-text="Learn more about the product" /> </ad> </ads> </video> <video name="Second Video"> <video url="http://www.site.com/videos/some-category/video.flv" use-path="no" /> <ads> <ad> <cue="00:00:30" /> <durration="00:00:10" /> <target="_blank" /> <link="http://www.aj.com" /> <ad-text="Click to learn more about the product" /> </ad> <ad> <cue="00:01:20" /> <durration="00:00:07" /> <target="_blank" /> <link="http://www.video.google.com" /> <ad-text="Learn more about the product" /> </ad> </ads> </video> <video name="Thrid Video"> <video url="somevideo.flv" use-path="yes" /> <ads> <ad> <cue="00:00:30" /> <durration="00:00:10" /> <target="_blank" /> <link="http://www.aj.com" /> <ad-text="Click to learn more about the product" /> </ad> <ad> <cue="00:01:10" /> <durration="00:00:15" /> <target="_blank" /> <link="http://www.video.google.com" /> <ad-text="Learn more about the product" /> </ad> </ads> </video> </videos>
  2. I am looking for a cms that can support multiple sites, rather I would like to just be able to have a library of cms files that all(or most) of the sites that I build could draw from. I would like all my customers to be able to use a cms without adding 1000 plus files per-site. I would like something that is oop for extensibility. Does anyone know of a good cms that would fit this criteria? Otherwise what would you consider to be the best oop php framework to use for such a task. I know the modx crew thinks of modx as a framework rather then a cms. This seams like it could be a good start because it is already set up as a cms not just a oop framework. Also one of the requirements would have to be a good permissions system. I would like to be able to edit and control all the sites from a central system and code base.
  3. Hello everyone. My name is Greg Zimdahl. I own a small web development business called Milwaukee Productions. I am a Christian, I was born again when the Lord showed me that he was real. I asked God, before I went to bed one night, if he was real and wanted something different for my life. This was after becoming depressed due to drinking and drugs. The next day I man came up to me and said... (and I quote because this still amazes me!) "I don't understand this but the Lord is telling me to give this to you" he then handed me his bible. God has shown himself to be alive, true, powerful, and caring for us since that day. So needless to say Jesus is a big part of my life. Beside the Lord I do enjoy learning more about web development. Currently (Sept-4-09) I am trying to learn oop php as best I can. I am always on the look out for the best practices because I want to give my customers a quality product that they can be pleased with. I joined this forum because it had a place for many different languages and because the lessons on the site have been a real help. I have for a long time wanted to get together with other developers, I just never really liked forums for some reason. I figure I have to get over that though. I look forward to being able to share idea's get and provide help and resources. I hope sincerely that you will find grace to see your sin and need for Jesus Christ. To enter heaven we must be perfect, we all know we fall short (just as the bible says). However that is the free gift of God... Perfection through Jesus Christ, for Jesus took upon himself the sin of the world and imputes His righteousness to anyone who will trust in him for their salvation. Jesus is the only way to heaven, not by works, not by any other way... But but trusting in Jesus Christ. If you trust in the Lord you will be born again and Jesus and heaven are yours forever! Bless you in the name of the Lord!
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