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  1. I have just started out as a freelance web designer/developer. One of my first clients hired me to do this artwork sales site. http://www.gaypowers.comIs there enough information for the public to navigate to the galleries and to the detail pages? Or do I need to say to "click on the images?"I'd like to hear anything you can offer about how to improve this site and my code. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hi Deb,I just wanted to let you know there are other oldsters out here. I am a 50-something woman who found XHTML/CSS a year or so ago and have fallen in love with the whole internet-coding-graphics world. I am also a college graduate and have started my own web/graphic design business. I really enjoy turning non-tech people on to the joys of the www. Best to you!Christine
  3. What is the value of this meta tag? Does it have an impact on searches?
  4. Since I don't know PHP yet, I am relying on code snippets in my HTML editor, which is Coffee Cup software. Christine
  5. I am just now figuring out that I can't use the target attribute in XHTML1.0 Strict. I'm really bummed (does that date me?). I've been coding in XHTML Strict because I'm thinking my beginning sites will display better in more browsers that way. Is that true or should I go to Transitional so I can keep the _blank targets?Thanks!Christine
  6. clgolden

    Browser Discussion

    You've probably answered this question a thousand times, but I can't find it by searching. What is the best way to get IE to use a smaller font size? I've tried the method described in the CSS tutorial (using a combination of % and em), I've tried using a separate CSS sheet, using *, using child-parent hacks, etc. None of these make any changes in IE (I'm using IE8). Can you all direct me to some current information? The website I'm trying to fix is clgolden.net. Thanks for your help.Update: I have been able to get conditional comments to work.
  7. Hello. My name is Christine and I've been teaching myself XHTML and CSS for the last year in my spare time. Love working with code and the W3Schools site is great. The Try It Yourself frames are brilliant!I feel that I have just this weekend turned a corner in my ability to produce a nice-looking, usable website. I'm really proud of my site at www.sunhouseca.net.I will be posting a question shortly about how to work with IE. I plan to use this forum a lot. Looking forward to exploring this new world of code with you.
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