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  1. I have seen some sites with border around areas yet their areas are not tables but div's. So my question is how would that be done, but I think that link to the css borders answered it! Thanks for the help snowboard01!
  2. Hi,I was wondering if there is a way to show borders with DIV's sometimes or those are pictures. What I mean is if I want to have some menus I would like to show a border around it since it looks nicer, now are those pictures or a border made by coding?
  3. Sorry I was away for a pretty long time. I checked the site out and I think I have a better understanding of DIV's now. Thanks a lot Scott for all your help! If I need anything else I will be sure to come here!
  4. Actually now that you explained to me one thing I am thinking of not using tables lol! I alwasy wanted to know what DIV's were for!I remember that in te W3SCHOOLS tutorial you mentioned DIV in a table but never really explained them that well. I was also planning on using a css template!But I was wondering if you could mayeb explain to me how these DIV's work, are they like tables or something else?EDIT: Also I have never had any problems with Javascript either! Well so far so good I guess!EDIT 2: Sorry for editing twice but I wanted ot ask seeing as you mentioned DIV's. I noticed that some site incorpoarte the use of Tables with DIV's why is that and should you do that if you are using DIV?
  5. So "document.write" is not that popular from what you are saying. What I wanted to achieve with the tables is that I want to make a website that uses them. So that I can divide the page better, ex. I can make one for the banner at the top. Then one can be for a menu and so on, I have seen many website use them and I have heard they are popular to use nowadays!My question was if I could make tables in the javascript part example:<script type="text/javascript">PLACE TABLE CODE IN HERE!!!</script> Now would something like that be possible or would I have to make tables seperate from the javascript?
  6. Hey guys,I was wondering about javascript! If I wanted to incorporate tables into my site would I add them in the script or would I add the scripts into the table! Also do many coders use the "document.write" to too actually write in their pages or they do not?Thank you for any help!
  7. Hi I know this might be a newbie question but I was wondering how a .js file would look like? It says in the tutorial that I can link files form outside if they end in .js, but I wanted to know do they look like an html file or like a script file: <script>Eerything in here</script> Thanks again for any help!
  8. OK thnx you guys I got it to work perfectly, I was missing a "/" at the end of my link. Thnx for all teh help and sorry If I ever bothered you, later!
  9. OK I tried google and it worked, took teh link from bar. But now how would I get the files from my computer to load up. Would I need to still use src or somthing else?
  10. I am not sure what that means I am actually trying to call a file from my computer to see if it will work and it doesn't!
  11. Yea I found that out but that is my whole problem Scott, When I try to call a website or file from my computer to test it out it only shows either a black blank background (FireFox) or a white one(IE). Why is this happening???
  12. When I write the tag <iframe> in my codin it shows up a small box. When I try to write somethign inside the tags it will not show it to me, and when I try to call something it still wont show me. The file is not on a server but I am only testing it out from my computer. So how would I be able to write something inside the tags or call something from my computer and make it show in iframes. I am using firefox, IE also does not show it!!!
  13. Hey guys,I was wondering how would I study the XHTML tutorial here on W3schools? I mostly went through it reading and like only did the Doctype and osm small minor changes, but form what I learned XHTML is more of stricter HTML, like everything has to be closed and stuff including <br /> tags. So like am I set to learn CSS or should I go through XHTML again?
  14. Thank you bothe for your freplies and that is great to know that I already studied html 4.01. Well I am going to study XHTML and css and then probably Javascripting afterwards. Thanks again!
  15. Hey everyone,I am a new person here in W3schools forums. I have been using the site for s while going through my HTML knowledge only, that was the only web language I know of. I have finished it but then I noticed some stuff about HTML 4.01 and XHTML or CSS. My question is what shoudl I be learning next, since I did not really see a tutorial for HTML 4.01 or is that the advanced part in HTML tutorial. So please if you good give an ordered list or advice what language I should learn first, second, third and so on!Thanks a lot!
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