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    Reversing Array

    Nah forget it, I just found the array_reverse() function.
  2. requnix

    Reversing Array

    Hello,I have trouble in reversing array values.My array is: array(0=>'aaa',1=>'ddd',2=>'bbb',3=>'xxx',4=>'ggg',5=>'ddd'); I want to change it to: array(0=>'ddd',1=>'ggg',2=>'xxx',3=>'bbb',4=>'ddd',5=>'aaa'); The array reversed, but only the values and it was not sorted.How can I do that?
  3. Ah, a fatal quotation error...It should be like this: echo "<link rel='stylesheet' href='style_standard.css' type='text/css'>";
  4. Even there aren't many servers support asp, you can't say it a rubbish.Be respect.
  5. Hello,I'm a beginner and have no experience in java,I only want to edit small thing in a mobile java game. I can decompile a .class file to .java using DJ Java Compiler. But the problem is: I don't know how to turn it back to .class after I editted it. Could anyone tell me how, or what software I can use?Just small info would be very helpful. Thank you
  6. Can we use gzip_deflate() to encrypt?It can reduces the file size too, right?
  7. What is the difference between zend guard and zend optimization?
  8. I am a beginner, how to encrypt with zend or ioncube?Is there a software to do that?
  9. Umm,,Didn't he want to encrypt the php, not only the html?
  10. I am a beginner, so sorry if there anything wrong... Add some secret code on the footer page so without it, the page won't load,,, then just encrypt the page :)Not bad I think
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