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  1. See Our Team Created a Messenger & a Messenger WebSite Now For Messenger We Need a Asp.net Hosting & SQL Web HostingFor Messenger Site I am Asking That Windows Is More Good Vs Linux Or ??
  2. See For Messenger We Going To Take Windows Asp But For Messenger Site in Linux Or Windows Which is Better Can You Tell Me
  3. Ok.. Please Can You Tell That a Web Hosting is More Good in Windows Or in Linux
  4. I Need a Server For Messenger Our Team Created a Messenger Like Yahoo Messenger Now For That Which Server Will Be Best 'Coz Lot Of People Will Came Online Soo VPS,Web Hosting,Dedicated Server Or ??? PLease Tell
  5. HellO!I Going TO Take a Web Hosting But My Frnd Said Take VPS {Virtual Private Servers} Is Its Better THen Web HostingWhat Is Difference Between VPS & Web Hosting What is The USe Of VPS Its More Good Vs OtherPlease Tell
  6. Ok.. I Will Start Right Now Making & Learning & Very Thanks a Lot Of Soo Much HelpThanku
  7. OMG I Think It Easily Take 1-2 Year For Learning These Things Now Tell Wht i Do I Start Learning These Things Or I Find Any Other Template In Which Low Programming Used
  8. I Have This Template So Now Can You Tell Me Wht I Need To Learn Too Customize This Template
  9. Now I Got Template Similar To My Site in Joobma But Its in PHP Coding So Wht Now i Learn First I Again Learn HTML,CSS Then PHP After That Also I Get Problem I Shore I Will Get Different Different Thing In Different Different Coding So i Start Learning All Codng I Think It Will Take More Then 1 Year OMG Please Tell What I Do..Getting Bad
  10. oK... Thanks Everbody Soo Much Help & Sorryyy
  11. I Learn Basics Of HTML & CSS More Then 2-3 Times & Also From Different Different Sites+Tutorial But Always When i Started Making My Site Some Some Stupid Problems Came Always Evertime I Seen Whenever I Try To Make It Some Stupid Problem Coming Template,Home Page,Custmize & Many Other I am Not Saying Other People To Do My Work I Also Want To Do My Work My Self But Always ******* So in This u Tell Wht I Do Whtever You Will Say I Will Do That Tell..
  12. You Getting Anrgy Sorryyyy My Ques Damage Your Brain But Very Sorry I Don't Have Too Much Knowledge About This Field But SeeI Have Seen 2-3 Templates Similar To My Site But At There Big Big Written Complany name For Example If i Take RocketTheme ThenAt Down Big Big Written Theme Created By RocketTheme This I am Saying Every Template Which We Take Written This in All& But I Don't Think So We Can Remove Did uThink Then Tell..
  13. But I Think Its Good To Make Own Design Template Beczzz If I Take Any Als Its Complany Name Will Come+Other Things Joobla So That I am Saying
  14. aaaa Dam Sorry Not Got a Single Template Similar To My Site i Try To Make a Design At Dreamweaver But There 3 column header & fotter After No More is There Can You Please Tell How To Make Own Design{CMS} For Site Is There Any Software For Making Please Tell
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