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  1. Thanks you are a star! Seems to have done the trick alright.Susan
  2. Hi All,I am having a problem displaying this site http://www.telltales.ie in google chrome. It works fine in all other browsers.Initially when I logged into the site the top half of the site was covered in a black box and you couldn't navigate. I think the issue is with two plugins, the Embed Facebook plugin and random image gallary with lightbox. I have now changed the color of the overlay to none in both of the css files for the plugins so that it does not display in black. The only issue seems to be now that the overlay is still their and you can't navigate. It is only over the top portion
  3. soozyq

    Centering Webpage

    Thanks all for your help Sooz
  4. soozyq

    Centering Webpage

    I have tried the following code but still no joy#container {margin: 0px auto; width: 850px;}
  5. soozyq

    Centering Webpage

    Hi Mads,Thanks for the quick response. I tried that and I still seem to have the same problem. I am wondering if I have put code elsewhere that is overwriting this. Sooz
  6. soozyq

    Centering Webpage

    Hi All,I thought I had this cracked but I am obviously making a mistake somewhere. I wish to center a website on the screen no matter the size of the screen using autowide margins. The site in question is hereWhat am I doing wrong?Any help very much appreciated.ThanksSooz
  7. I have tried a couple of things, one being changing the css in notepad and replacing the existing file through direct access but this hasn't made any difference as when I go in through joomla it still says unwritable. I get the message "The parameter file /templates/gk_musictop/params.ini is unwritable!" when I go into the template manager and try and edit i get "Operation Failed!: failed to open "file /usr/local/pem/vhosts/00000/webspace/siteapps/140/htdocs/templates/gk_musictop/css/template_css.css for writing."Im sure I am going about this in completely the wrong way. I dont see “template_c
  8. I have tried this but the css for this section of the site is unwritable. Its a template through joomla. If anyone has any ideas they would be much appreciated.Thanks
  9. http://tips.webdesign10.com/web-design-intro.htm
  10. Even if you layout your site in photoshop you still need to understand the basics of HTML and CSS to build your site in some sort of web development application. I think you should try going through the W3Schools tutorials again or employ someone to do this site for you.
  11. Content Management System. You need this to create / manage the content of your site.
  12. I have been asked to fix a few things on a friends website that has been set up in Joomla. I am not familiar with Joomla but have agreed to take a look. One of the issues is in Internet Explorer 7.0 or lower, on the home page the text in the featured box (containing residential, sites and rental etc) over flows the box it is supposed to be sitting in. This views fine in all other browsers as far as I can see. Is there any way to fix this?There are obviously a few other issues but I am hoping I can fix them.The site in question is;www.vincentwalshauctioneers.ieI would be grateful if anyone has
  13. SkemcinThanks again for all the info. It isn't my first site but so far I have not needed to provide CMS for the clients as I am updating their info for them. Every site I have done so far has taught me something new and has seemed like I have had a mountain to climb so I am sure this one will be no different. A bit of a challenge is a good thing and it is what keeps me sane.Im sure I will be posting loads of questions as I go alone. Thanks for your help
  14. Hi SkemcinThanks for your reply. Can't believe you were in Galway recently. It is a cool city. Im a blow-in myself but live the place.The idea is that when the site is finished the community centre staff will be updating the information themselves. They are apparently computer savvy but there is a lot of basic stuff they don't seem to know.. I have never tried to use XML yet but I will have a look at the tutorials. I only started HTML in January so I am on a steep learning curve. The hosting company that they have gone with offers a free database application MySQL. Again I have not used this b
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