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  1. Yes, the shop owner asked I add the gyro into the log against my advice. if it makes him happen that's fine, but I feel the old banner was more aesthetic.
  2. Validate? As in conform by standards?
  3. The system's I've seen are more like 50-200 a month.
  4. www.omarsstl.comA site built for Omar's Restaurant....please evaluate.There are a few things I'd do different but otherwise, I think it fits the bill.
  5. Is there anyway I could program to send an email to spit out a fax (or just print of course)...if so what would I use for this? DOT NET?
  6. I am interested in creating an online ordering system for my restaurant. I dabble in Web Design and have built my own site, and figure that some of you web gurus would know the best way to do this.I'd like to have online ordering, with an interface like any other ecommerce system, perhaps linked with zencart and 2checkout, but of course containing the time the item needing to be cooked, the time it is needed, contact information for customer, but then have the order print by fax into the restaurant, into email containing the relevant information.What do you guys think, how would you do this in my position?
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