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  1. I have searched, searched, and read. I just do not get it. www.jasonsandeman.com/qabbalI have figured out how to place all of the images that I want when my browser is fully sized. The problem I am having is when I resize the browser, all the images seem to move in weird ways.What I want to do is make it so the images stay exactly where they are after someone with a screen space of 800 x 600 resizes their browser. I guess I am trying to protect the imagery of the site.I have tried the overflow: hidden, the position: absolute, position: fixed commands, but nothing seems to work. I am going to r
  2. Well, I believe I have finally figured it out. As a bonus, I found a way to make the menu based off of ONE image, and eliminated the need to have a thousand gif images. That was the highlight of this excercise.Now, the only things I have that are a little confusing to me is the layout on different browsers. I have updated the code above to the changes, and I was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.Specifically, things look great in the browser of FF2.0. When I resize the window though, the icons move around. What I am looking for is to have everything remain in the center.
  3. I cannot give you the code, but I think this can be done by emulating frames with css.A google search brought me these pages:http://www.456bereastreet.com/lab/cssframes/http://www.456bereastreet.com/archive/2006..._v2_fullheight/http://www.webreference.com/programming/css_frames/and here is the search for more pages:Hope that helps you out. :)Sandeman
  4. Hmm. I can see that I am still learning. I can't believe I forgot to tell about the <a> tag.I fixed this in the css file, but now I have a problem. The nav bar is not showing on the page. I am seeing the container for it, but there is nothing there.Sandeman
  5. Perhaps I am jumping in way over my head, but I have this style to consider:http://jasonsandeman.com/Gaming/image_bin/qabbal_portal.jpgSo what this is; its a body tag with an img background. I want to place the icons on the page to be rollover effects, using a list. So far, this is as far as I have gotten:http://jasonsandeman.com/qabbal/Now, here is the code to consider:portal.css body { background-color:#000000; background-attachment: fixed; background-image: url(http://jasonsandeman.com/qabbal/images/q_images/images/qabbal_bg.jpg); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center;
  6. sandeman

    Jobs in XML

    Okay, so here is where I am going with this:I presently work in the Hospitality industry as a Chef. Cooking/administration skills aside, one thing that I noticed is the lack of coherent software in this industry.I am interested in things like:Recipe databasesInventory DatabasesIngredient controlpayroll schedulingWebsite design for restaurants - that are interactiveDeveloping front end applications that are easy for the home user to use.So, I am at a crossroads in my life... I am sick of working on the cooking line, and I would like to switch careers, but I am too passionate about food to just
  7. Can a person use something like this? <xs:group name="charsheet"> <xs:sequence> <xs:element name="intvalue" /> <xs:attribute name="ac" type="xs:string"/> >xs:attribute name="acarmourbonus" type="xs:string"/> <xs:element name="stringvalue" /> <xs:attribute name="race" type="xs:string"/> <xs:element name="node" type="xs:string" default="spells"/> <xs:element name="stringvalue"/> <xs:attribute name="name" value="xs:string"/> </xs:sequence></xs:group> The problem that I have is representing
  8. sandeman

    Jobs in XML

    So, I have plunged into XML, XSLT, XPATH, XLINK, XML-SCHEMA, XFORMS and XMHTML.Here goes:Is there a possibility for a career using these? Am I wasting my time? I want to know all of the intricacies regarding the languages, but I am wondering if I should not devote my time to learning JAVA or somethign like it.I know a lot of people say that I should learn Perl, Java, VB, C++, XML. HTML and CSS and others, but hey! I only have a limited amount of time LOL!Any advice on a career using XML?Sincerely,Jason Sandeman
  9. So I have this xml file that is parsed by a program. (I posted his in the xslt forum... this is the same one.)Here is the xml in question: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?><root version="1.05"> <node name="charsheet"> <node name="TestforET"> <intvalue name="ac">0</intvalue> <intvalue name="acarmorbonus">0</intvalue> <intvalue name="acbasehelper">0</intvalue> <intvalue name="acdexbonus">0</intvalue> <intvalue name="acmiscbonus">0</intvalue> <stringvalue name="acmisctitle"></strin
  10. Okay, so if I am referencing an XML doc with my xslt, the select attribute is selecting only those things within the "skill" node, right?So what I can do is save this off as a skills.xsl sheet, and reference this in the main sheet with <import href="skills.xsl"> command.Is this right?Sandeman
  11. I was wondering if I can use the xsl command<xsl:template match="text()"/> before the <xsl:template match="name"> to put the priority to the name/nameofskill. The I can proceed naming each, until all are full?Does that make any sense?Sandeman
  12. Consider the following: <skills> <skill> <name>Sense Motive</name> <untrained>1</untrained> <ability>Wis</ability> <modifiers> <modifier name="rank" value="0"/> <modifier name="ability" value="3"/> <modifier name="misc" value="0"/> </modifiers> <short-description>Detect when someone is bluffing you, when something is up, or someone is lying. (Wis)</short-description> </skill> . . .repeat above for each skill </sk
  13. Okay, now for some more fun. In dealing with the access database, I need to pull out the values of a table, and make seperate nodes out of all of them.The table has the columns of:NAMETOTAL MODIFIERRANKSTYPEATTRIBUTE BONUSand each is populated with rows of skills.What I am trying to do is this: (In pseudo code..) Call up the skills table in Etools database Sort the table in alphabetical order with the Name Column Select the field with the name of the skill Define the name as a variable Select the Misc modifier field
  14. If I remember correctly, the '' is an operator defined in anothe stylesheet that is loaded with the href function, to call the value of the selected entity in the database table. :)As for what it will look like when done:$Feat="armor profiencecy/rdodge/rshot on the run" would be an example.The /r is parsed by the GUI application to be a carriage return or a <p> tag, and will tell the app to place the values on three different lines in the character sheet.Sometimes I get a headache with all of this, as I am dealing with an Access database, xml, xslt and C++ in order to do all of this. But
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