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  1. Hallo, am learning ASP Net from a book after having worked with ASP classic for a long time.Have learnt about Data Lists, GridView and DetailsView etc. etc. but am finding the layout possibilities very rigid. Can someone explain how I can achieve the layout of data from a databank in the example at the following link: http://www.in-the-we...e/cms/index.asp As you can see I don't need any headings and the data from the databank is displayed in rows rather than columns. The detailed view is to the right in a seperate area and appears after clickling the relevant link on the left hand side. Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Have just imported FLV Movie into Flash using Adobe CS5. Works perfectly when I load Html into Browser on local Computer. However when I view in IIS 6 (locahhost) see just a grey control bar and the movie is not available. I have introduced the mime types on IIS .flv video/x-flv and .swf application/x-shockware-flash and even .flv flv-application/octet-steam but to no avail. Logfile = ....html 304 and sometimes ....html 200. Cant find any other solutions in search maschines.Can anyone help????? Am using Windows XP Professional locally.Have also uploaded per FTP to Provider whos using windows 2003 and of course that doesn't work either. Luv Kathy
  3. Have just moved from Windows XP to Windows 7.Would like to keep my websites on an external hard disk. When I assign a virtual path to the pysical path on the external disk I get an error " HTTP-Fehler 404.0 - Not Foundand the physical path always reverts back to : Physikalischer Pfad C:\inetpub\wwwroot\websitename Can anyone help? Thanks Katty
  4. Have discovered since yesterday that this only happens on an inner join. Here for example:SET rsListe = Server.CreateObject("ADOdb.RecordSet")strSQL = "select tblAdressen.*, tblLand.* "strSQL = strSQL&" FROM tblLand INNER JOIN tblAdressen ON tblLand.landId = tblAdressen.landId "strSQL = strSQL&" where adressenId="&intAdressenIdrsListe.Open strSQL, nameConn,adOpenStaticHere is the order of the fields in the table. intType= rsListe("Type")strfirma1= rsListe("firma1")strFirma2= rsListe("Firma2")strNachname= rsListe("Nachname")strBranche= rsListe("Branche")intKundenNr= rsListe("KundenNr")intZaehler= rsListe("Zaehler")strKunde= rsListe("Kunde")strWerkstatt= rsListe("Werkstatt")strBieter= rsListe("Bieter")strVersicherung= rsListe("Versicherung")strRechtsanwalt= rsListe("Rechtsanwalt")strAktiv= rsListe("Aktiv")strTyp= rsListe("Typ")strAnrede= rsListe("Anrede")strVorname= rsListe("Vorname")strStrasse1= rsListe("Strasse1")strStrasse2= rsListe("Strasse2")strPlz= rsListe("Plz")strOrt= rsListe("Ort")strTelPriv= rsListe("TelPriv")strTelGes= rsListe("TelGes")strFax= rsListe("Fax")strHandy= rsListe("Handy")strEmail= rsListe("Email")strBemerkung= rsListe("Bemerkung")strSteuer= rsListe("Steuer")intLand= rsListe("LandId")strLand= rsListe("land")response.write strLand & "strland<br>"response.write intLandId & "intland<br>"<%while not rsListe.eof %><%=strFirma1%><%=strFirma2%><%rsListe.MoveNextwend%>As soon as I swap strFirma1 for strFirma2 then strFirma1 is nowhere to be seen.
  5. Have converted Access Databank to SQL Server.After that my Recorsets are not working properly.Im using (ASP Classic).For example a simple Select * from say a table with following components:surnamevornamestreettownIf I try to call vorname before surname nothing appears but if I follow the order that the components of the table are listed then everything is fine.Can anyone explain whats going on???Thanks in advance
  6. katty

    Asp Report Problem

    I`ve got an Intranet written in ASP Skript. The end result is a report which is about 20 pages long. (still in ASP)I need to generate an index page with page numbers and allow the user to set the page breaks themselves. So I need to convert the ASP intoa Word document. Have looked on the internet haven`t found anything of use yet. Does anyone know of a programm that could do this. Or maybe from ASP to HTML and then to Word??? The real problem is the page breaks and page index so if anyone knows of a better idea which doesn`t involve Word then please let me have your suggestions.Thanks!!!Katty
  7. katty


    Hallo,I'm using an ASP Skript with session.timeout = 30I havent experienced any problems on my computer at home (Windows XP Professional, IIS 6) but online the script times out after 10 minutes.I have spoken to the chap at the provider and he has set the timeout to 30 minuten but still after ten minutes the script times out. When I test the script with response.write sure enough the response is 30 minutes. He says he doesnt understand why,so I`m looking for someone with server experience who could maybe give me a list of what he or I should be doing to solve this problem. Cheers in andvance,Katty
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