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  1. Issue fixed, this code changed: /* Left Boxes-------------------------- */#lbar_top_wrap1 { background:$navbarColor_1 url("http://bbrtki.googlepages.com/navbar_cap_bot2.gif") no-repeat $startSide bottom; margin:0px 0px 5px; padding:0px 0px 5px; }#lbar_top_wrap2 { background:url("http://bbrtki.googlepages.com/navbar_cap_top2.gif") no-repeat $startSide top; padding: 5px 0 0; margin:0; border-width:0; }#lbar_mid_wrap1 { background:$navbarColor_3 url("http://bbrtki.googlepages.com/navbar_cap_top2.gif") no-repeat $startSide top; margin:0px 0px 15px; padding:10px 0px 0px;}#lbar_mid_wrap2
  2. Wooo. 508 errors.That's going to take a bit to fix. Quotation marks would likely help a lot i guess.Down to 394 now, the & errors are impossible to fix for the current time, unless blogger changes it's autogenerated output.
  3. Hm, surely this one isn't too difficult.
  4. OK, this is probably a pretty easy bug.Probably.But, if i was able to find it i wouldn't be posting here.It varies per browser, but if i look at this in safari : http://rrvs.blogspot.com/The side panels have an odd alignment problem at their bottom side.The height of the panel is fine, but the background image in all but the top 2 panels seems to be a number of pixels shifted upward.On IE7 is looks fine at first glance, but when scrolling up and down the problem appears there also.Bad bottom : http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/9564/picture1dn1.pngOk and bad : http://img404.imageshack.us/img40
  5. In blogger you can add a widget, one of such is a poll.It doesn't display options for colors etc however, just questions, duration and the like.I suppose it grabs the style from main somehow, but perhaps it'll be possible to reconfigure the main frame itself to take a different style without affecting the main body.e.g. duplicate main to main2 and use main2 for the body, then keep using main for the poll with different colors.
  6. This is all the code that's in there.. i haven't got much access to the iframe itself or it's content other than this.Annoying if that's not possible to change then.I suppose i could make the entire item the same background as the main bar.. but it'd be pretty ugly. <b:widget id='Poll1' locked='false' title='Looking good?' type='Poll'> <b:includable id='main'> <div class='widget-content' id='widget-content'> <h2><data:title/></h2> <iframe allowtransparency='true' expr:height='data:iframeheight' expr:name='"poll-widget" + data:pollid' expr:src='dat
  7. Blog test layout : http://blogtestlayout.blogspot.com/Ok, so i'm working on a blog layout template, which is coming along nicely so far and everything looks the way i want it.However, i'm having trouble finding a proper way to set the text color, link color etc for the "poll" widget.Everything else is working ok, but i've spend about an hour and a half trying to get this thing to show up in the proper colors.... but i'm at a loss, it keeps assuming the main article colors instead of the navbar colors as it should.Perhaps somebody with a fresh view on this thing can see the bug faster than i ca
  8. Tables i can manage, http://blogtestlayout.blogspot.com/The border pixel is a temporary solution.Divs however, completely freak me out.I've tried aligning the dives as you can see above, but without the table the bars on the right side go "under" the main header.I can't for the life of me figure out how to move the silly things to the top of the page without forcing them there with a table.I'm probably just looking at the issue wrong, but perhaps somebody here has an insight that i'm missing.Also the "left" sidebar, moves itself to the right. and the "right" sidebar keeps moving itself to the
  9. It must be windows specific then, as the object tag works fine on IE 5.2 on the mac.Quite strange.
  10. The complete list of types i can upload is :"Allowed Types: gif, jpg, jpeg, png, swf, html, css, txt"So, even .js is currently unavailable unless i put it directly into the .html file.Ah well.This "seems" to work for now, not happy with it though. (its very slow, and doesn't seem to work properly in IE)Some tweaking required still.Edit: added div to center it in IE as well. Seems ok now. <div id="nav" align="center"><object type="text/html" data="linktest.html" width="600" height="40" align="center"><param name="BorderStyle" value="1" /><param name="MousePointer" value="0
  11. Seems i'm restricted to: css, html, gif, png, jpgSo no xml either.I've mailed 2 of the admins, hopefully some more file formats will be allowed for upload soon.
  12. Shame, but seems i can't upload php files to begin with. I guess i'll have to settle for a pure html solution for now, unless i can bribe an admin
  13. Cheers for the quick reply, i'll give a poke to one of the admins.Hopefully it's possible.
  14. Ok, here's my issue.I'd like to embed a html into another html.In detail, i have 3 pages, and 1 page with the "navigation bar".I'd like to embed the navigation bar page into each of the other pages so that i don't have to copy paste the navigation bar into each of the other pages anytime i make a change to it.Now, frames would obviously be an option, but i think that's a bit outdated and ugly.the <object> tag seems to have the option to do what i need,, but i'm not sure if its fully compatible with all browsers i use (firefox, safari, ie7).Perhaps there's a more widely accepted option to
  15. Netscape composer*hides*Just use it for general layout and tables, then fix stuff in Notepad.
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