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  1. I've figured it out.It turns out that the resultSet will be lost if the connection is closed prematurely.
  2. Hi,I'm creating a simple class that queries an SQL database and returns a resultSet. I'm testing the class with another java file with a main() method so I can actually create the object from my querydb class and attempt to access the resultSet.The problem is, when I try accessing the resultSet in main(), it's looking like the result set is empty. But I know for a fact that it's retrieving the records because I put a (while result.next()){ //output column_name} in the method that actually executes the SQL statement (which works in SQL btw) and I can see all the results. However, if I try to
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    Hi guys,First time poster.I'm a little,... well very rusty, with my SQL. Figured you experts out there would have an idea as to how to solve my problem here.Little background on the database:-It's a historical database with events and people from time; each record has a name, description, a start year, an end year, startYear suffix*, endYear suffix**Suffix = BC or AD or MYACorresponding with the above information, here is an example record:Example#1:John Doe | Famous Musician born in the 19th century | 1839 | 1910 | AD | ADExample2:Roman Period | The Roman Empire | 63 | 476 | BC | ADExample 3:
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