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  1. I want to apply fading effect by using alpha and opacity or delay the display of sub menu using setTimeout()
  2. Hi friends I am using a dropdown menu which works perfectly, following is the code for itNow I want to add some effectsI know that setTimeout() can be effectively used to achieve the same, but I am not able to give proper element and Id references to the script all the time it generates errorsI have been racking my brain on this from a long time, can anybody add some effect and show me<script type="text/javascript">var submenuoffset=-2 var i=0;function createcssmenu1(){ var ultags=document.getElementById('menu').getElementsByTagName("ul") for (var t=0; t<ultags.length; t++){ ultags[t].parentNode.onmouseover=function(){ { this.getElementsByTagName("ul")[0].style.bottom=this.parentNode.offsetWidth+submenuoffset+"px" this.getElementsByTagName("ul")[0].style.display="block" } } ultags[t].parentNode.onmouseout=function(){ this.getElementsByTagName("ul")[0].style.display="none" } } }</script>
  3. Hi,I M very much confused about how to pass a parameter to action script I want to divide the url in two section one part of which will be in <param> , <embed> and another part will be in action scriptfor example:http://www.thisismywebsite.com/ will passed as a parameter in <param> and <embed>and anothertootherpages.html in action scriptdoes any body knows how to combine this both url to make a single url
  4. Thank you for your reply it as helped me a lot for my understandingActually our webhost supports ASP and I dont know any other way to connect to database except ADO, I am suppose to create a userid and password athentication web page in which a form will filled with the userid and password and on submit it will check the availabilty of the username and password with the database if the match is found a cookie will be created and used on each page, I am not understanding how to recall the other data from the database using cookie when required and how to allow users to change the username or password on their discretion
  5. Dear friends I am working on a new project in which I am suppose to provide userid and password using asp and ado I have never done this before so need some step by step process about how it works based on that I will be able to generate the required scriptsDoes it requires database like ms access to save the username and password?kindly reply with your expertise knowledge thank you
  6. HI I am confused with a little list image I have used the following stylea{list-style-image:url("images/bbc.jpg");}a:hover{list-style-image:url("images/bb.jpg");}it is showing the bbc.jpg but instead of showing thebb.jpg hover image it is showing a normal list circlecan somebody explain me the reason and give proper solution for cross browser use
  7. moin_netset

    To Send Email

    Dear friends I am designing a web page for an company which I have almost finished with but I am facing a problem in one area the company as asked me to design an contact us page in which I should create a user interface where a person can enter his contact details and on submit it should be mailed to companies email address for example info@mycompany.comI am really stuck with it I don't understand how should I do it, I have tried CDOSYS but I am not able to understand its concept or how it function I hoping that if you people could help me with your knowledge kindly post some code or example for me to understand OR some guidelines from where to start will be of great helpThanking you in advancewaiting for you reply
  8. I am making a simple flash image without using any actionscript I am going through a problem which i can't understand whenever I apply mask on the image and test it the whole image become invisible, but when I simply play it on adobe flash it works fine I dont no what I am doing wrong if anyone of you know what I am doing wrong kind reply with a solution
  9. thank you I have started working on your guidelinesbut still I dont have indept knowledge of javascriptI might need some more knowledge from you
  10. thanks a lot your comments have helped me lot,my problem is solved I was calling the function in wrong manner that's why it was not working thank you once again all of you guys
  11. you were right there was an error in the script I have rectified it but now I want do some thing more in it I am creating a menu which on mouseover uses display:block to show sub menu and some other content which have different <div> and IDI want to call some <div> to react on mouseover event to use display:block and use display:none at the sametime without increasing the script //I am using the below script in the head section<script type="text/javascript"><!--function a(par1,par2,par3){document.getElementById(par1).style.display="block"document.getElementById(par2).style.display="block"document.getElementById(par3).style.display="block"}function b(par1,par2par3){document.getElementById(par1).style.display="none"document.getElementById(par2).style.display="none"document.getElementById(par3).style.display="none"}//--></script>//using the belcw html to call the function<div onmouseover=a(id1,id2,id3) onmouseout b(id4,id5,id6)>some image</div>//the above call function is not working when I use name for the id but it works fine when I use number for the id can u explain why it is so and rectify my mistake
  12. Hey GuysDoes any one knows whether the combination of javascript and css work on all browsersbecause when I tried it is working fine in IE but not in firefoxif any one knows the reason reply
  13. Hi everyone I have been reading this for weeks now it has solved lot of my brain racking of the question "How"I have visited lot a of websites and found an horizontal image scroller which *automatically move on image in one direction*but when the mouse is moved on the horizontal scroller it follows the direction of the mouse, *some even enlarge on mouseover event and *also have facility of forward and backward button *along with the hyperlink to each image for days I have been banging my head, how to make such a horizontal scroller with all the features in itI need your Expertise If anyone can help kindly reply me
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