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    RSS Feed Reader

    Hi all, Just a quick question on rss feed readers. I want to add a rss feed to my website and I am wondering if anyone could recommend a particular feed reader to embed on the web page? Many thanks! Mark.
  2. Thanks dsonesuk, I have now added my CSS initial setting file and it's working fine. I looked before I added it and you were right, no margin: 0; . Mark.
  3. Thanks for your feedback guys. I see, though, that whilst you Scientist say to use a unit size, dsonesuk doesn't. Is this a personal preference or is it best to declare a unit size always? Thanks, I have a few additions/adjustments I can make.
  4. I have made the adjustment and it is fine in IE8 and 9, Chrome and Firefox, but IE7 still shows the indent. Any ideas why? Thanks to you, annoyance with Microsoft. Mark.
  5. Hi all, I am trying to get into better practices and have written a CSS style sheet for my site that clears and then sets the basic CSS rules. Have I made any great error in this? I would appreciate feedback as I am planning on using this style sheet (adjusted for particular site requirements, on all my sites). Many thanks. The code: @charset "utf-8";/* CSS Document *//* Clear all elements */p, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {margin: 0;padding: 0;text-indent: 0;font-size: 100%;font-weight: normal;}div, ul, li {margin: 0;padding: 0;text-indent: 0;}/* clear link defaults */a {margin: 0;padding: 0;tex
  6. Thanks dsonesuk, Yes, the initial suggestion you made worked fine, and thank you also for the additional guidance on zeroing everything. I will need to get into the habit of zeroing from the outset, as I know different browsers have different defaults. Thanks for your help! Mark.
  7. Hi all, On my navigation bar I have an unwanted indentation/margin. I am sure I've zeroed all the margins/padding except what I require, yet there seems to be a "phantom" margin on the left hand side. I have used a work around by reducing the wanted left padding, but I will be adding two more navigation items and the phantom margin would prevent me. Any ideas? The situation can be viewed at: http://www.rabel.org.uk Thank you. Mark.
  8. Thanks Dsonesuk, Yes, it was a question and thank you for your answer. I have adjusted what was needed and almost all is fine. I will start a new thread for the remaining problem as it's a different topic. Thanks,Mark.
  9. Mark H


    Hi all, I don't know if anyone's suggested this, but how about an area on the forum discussing Search Engine Optimization? As it's such a fluid area a tutorial probably would be out-of-date by the time it's complete, but would a forum board be appropriate? Mark.
  10. I haven't been around for a while, but I am slowly learning web design and coding at the same time as doing a professional graphic design course. I really wanted to post here as it's the first day I've seen the new forum design: looks so much better! Great work guys. Mark.
  11. Ingolme: I long ago gave up trying to accommodate IE6. I have enough trouble with 7-9! Mark.
  12. Thank you for your help guys. Ingolme: as I want to reset the colours for the child elements it was the background: transparent; attribute that I didn't realise existed! Dsonesuk: I am presuming that I can use the transparent value for any background attribute? Say, background-color: transparent; ? Then I could just add it to the elements/classes I want to add it to. Thanks.
  13. Thanks dsonesuk, Actually that wasn't the problem, but thanks for the hints I am sure they will come in useful. I have corrected a whole load of stuff and the main problem I was having was the drop-down menu not centering the text. I realised I had a float: left on them. :blush Also, I have had a problem with the hover background colour. I wanted it on the top level but not the dropdowns. I have found a work-around by setting a background image, but is there any way of clearing a colour? i.e. make it transparent? Thanks alot and bless you.Mark.
  14. Hi all, It's been a while since I've been here: like the new forum style! To my question, as this has been giving me a headache today! I have done a horizontal nav bar, using a display: block for the <a> elements, which is working fine. However, the drop-down menus are not behaving correctly. They are out of position, yet I believe I have narrowed the problem down to the <a> elements. I am using a text link on the drop-down menu (no width or height, no border, and inline) yet they don't seem to be taking any notice of my extra CSS. Is there a simple way to clear the CSS styling
  15. Mark H

    Re-defining h tags

    Thanks travelluk.I've done it okay and am pleased with the results. Thank you for confirming that it is not an erroneous way of using CSS and tags.Mark.
  16. Mark H

    Re-defining h tags

    Hi all,I would think that if I set display: block I could then add a width: px and a background image to the tags?Would this be possible? The tags I want to do this with are <h1> to <h3>, specifically only within one particular <div>.Is is okay? Would it have any SEO consequences?Thanks,Mark.
  17. The second issue I have solved using if lte IE7.I'm not happy that this is as tidy as I would've liked, but then IE is a pain!
  18. I'm having major problems with IE.I have uploaded my in development site here:http://sheepfoldministries.org.uk/testV2/In Chrome and FF it works fine.But I can't get rid of the blue borders on the navbar in IE. EDIT:- Solved - I had "img a" rather than "a img" as my rule.Also IE7 is giving me a headache in that the drop down menus that are links seem to be pushed down.I've tried a number of solutions to these two problems but nothing seems to work.Help much appreciated!Mark.
  19. I used a transparent image, which works fine in most browsers.Further help needed in further post.
  20. I'm having trouble adding links to my CSS navigation bar. The trouble I am having is with the top level (e.g. "navHome" and "navDoctrine").The drop levels seem to work okay, but because the top level leaves the tag open (for the nested list) I can't seem to add a normal <a href> </a> tag.How would I do this? I'm wondering about adding a transparent image to wrap with the <a> tag, but this seems messy. <div id="nav"> <ul id="navList"> <li id="navHome"> <ul class="navDrop"> <li class="navTopDrop">Test One</li> <li class
  21. Thanks Ingolme,If I'm understanding correctly, though, although in PHP the variables should be without quotes, it seems that within my_sql functions the variable should be within quotes. Is this a difference between my_sql functions and the rest of PHP? Clarification would help. Thanks.Mark.EDIT: - Just looked into this more, and note that a string variable would be in quotes and a numeric variable not. But does this apply always, or only in my_sql functions?
  22. Thanks, I was a little confused as to how a resource differed to a normal variable.Looked up on the reference manual and see now that it acts almost like a separate variable, yet accessed differently (noting the no quotes!).Thanks.Mark.
  23. Hi birbal and others.I think I've got it. Just want to check about the mysql_num_rows() function.Am I using it correctly here: if (isset($_COOKIE['PW_user'])) // get user name from Cookie{ $user_array = explode("#",$_COOKIE['PW_user'],3); if { // check Cookie User Number $cookieUser = $user_array[0]; $inDb = mysql_query("SELECT userNumber FROM sf_pw_logins WHERE userNumber = '$cookieUser'"); $recordThere = mysql_num_rows('$inDb'); if ($recordThere != '0') { // check Username $userName = $user_array[1]; // where cookie username is $userMatch = mysql_query("SELECT userName FROM sf_pw_l
  24. Thank you birbal. I follow most of that, with the exception of serializing the cookie or using data1=value1 etc. ?I have looked a little into explode() implode() but will have another look and then maybe it will be clear.Thanks again!Mark.
  25. Hi all,I'm working on my auto-login script. There are a number of things still to do.Yet I'm getting a little confused on a couple of issues. (I include my code below in case you want to look, but my main questions I will put first.)Firstly, when using SELECT to access the database, I am using the following: $publicUser = mysql_query("SELECT publicName FROM sf_pw_users WHERE userName == $user"); Will this work? I'm intending that the script selects the publicName column in the same row where it finds the userName.I also have an issue with the $_COOKIE. I want to store three values. What
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