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  1. Dear thescientist Sir,Could you please suggest how can i check my browser(I am using IE 7.0) have supporting flash.Thanks,SKP
  2. Dear All,I am using .swf file in a webbased application.In my machine having internet exploper browser 7.0 and Adobe reader 9.0 version avaiable.But when i running the application in my machine .swf file not loaded properly.But other user((IE 7.0 and Adobe reader 9.0) in the same network using my machine IP address accessing my application and the .swf fileproperly loaded and able to visible the image.Could you please suggest what is the root cause of the problem.Thanks,SKP
  3. Dear Dsonesuk Sir,Thanks for your pronto response.The code you have made the changes which fulfill 50% of my requirement.Let say the main image which length is 100 m. The slider is moving on the image same part only change the opacity...means if slider moving 20 m then only in the main imageleft part of the 20 m lenght style.opacity="0.5" and right part of image 80 m length should be opacity=100 .Hope sir you understand my requirement.if the slider moving from left to right then the area slider have completed change the opacity.Please suggest me for the needful.Thanks for your time and
  4. Dear javaScript Support Team,Requesting you to please suggest or help me for implement the above needful.Thanks,SKP
  5. Dear JavaScript Sir,I am a begineer of using java scripts.Facing problem to implement change opacity/transparency of image on slider move.The below given code for slider is working fine.But in the same code i want to implement how to change opacity/transparency of image on slider move..in the hrml i have two image is mentioned.'s_imgControl':- 'img/bluev_bg.gif','s_imgSlider': 'i-mg/bluev_sl.gif',My requirement is if i move the bluev_sl.gif slider then automatically change opacity/transparency of image 's_imgControl':- 'img/bluev_bg.gif',Requesting to please suggest/help me logic for impleme
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